9 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate in 2022

9 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate in 2022
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Be it a normal user or business-related user or influencer, you need more people to like your post and follow you. People need attention and clout at the same time. Especially on a platform like Instagram where a billion monthly active users come in and out of the app regularly, it’s actually wrong if you don’t long for it. So to achieve that you need engagement from your followers. Engagement means the way of interaction on your posts such as likes, comments, mentions by the viewers. If engagement increases, your reach also will be wider. So there are some tips that will work for you to increase your engagement rate.


As everyone says, Content is what makes you famous. The growth of your account or page will be based on the quality of your content. People don’t even mind you when you make content that is copied or poor. Original as well as engaging content is welcomed by all. So you have to create original, unique content related to your niche that connects to your audience. That will help your posts and page to get more reach. And keep in mind, most people come to Instagram to chill. So keep the content less complicated.


When you look at the big accounts, you may wonder about the number of followers and engagement rate they have? Wanna know how? Just go through their profile and posts. You can sense the consistency in the quality of the posts, that is one of the major reasons for that. Your posts are the first thing that catches the eyes of a viewer when they come to look at your profile. They are the product form of your content, so you have to give equal or even more importance in crafting them. To increase your quality you have to follow some rules.

For Photos

Always use high clarity and clear photos. Because such photos automatically attract people when they see them. Make your own specific style like adding filters, different angles, and effects to make it look more unique and original. use the rule of thirds for the products to make them look more attractive. You can use some photo editing tools to make your photo look better. You can also use some templates that will be available online to make your posts look more professional.

For Videos

Unlike photos, videos have certain limitations on Instagram. So follow the recommended format to avoid unwanted errors and decrease in quality. Resolutions and aspect ratio should be adjusted as per your video. Avoid blurry and low-quality videos. Use editing tools and complete the fill editing process there itself, don’t make changes or add things in Instagram at the time of posting.


Instagram stories are the game changers on Instagram. By sitting on the top of the timeline, they catch the eyes of users more than anything. They Instantly demand clicks from the users who just opened the app. Many users give priority to going through the stories rather than the posts in the feed because the stories will be more personally related to the page and the content in stories are temporary since it disappears in 24 hours. So naturally, they have a higher chance of gaining interactions.

  • Adding location on stories will give you more reach since your story will feature under that specified location.
  • It has many features that can bring more interactions. Use them according to your content
  • Use different types of fonts, colors, and brushes to make it more pleasing.


Engagement stickers in stories can easily help you to create more interactions. They are always loved by the users since they are easy and interesting.


This is a feature you can find on Instagram stories. It is in the form of a sticker from which  You can create a poll with two options based on your content or question. It can be a yes or no, or two different options which people can select. You also can share the results.


There is another one that is a more elaborate form of a poll is the quiz. You can add a question and list out up to four options below it. It will be more engaging when you do specific quiz sessions with multiple questions back to back. Viewers can select the one they found correct or even randomly. Correct answers will display right away to the users.


‘Ask a question’ creates more interaction than the above-mentioned ones. Actually, they can create an opportunity to kick start a conversation. Viewers can answer the question in their own words here. They are recorded as responses. You can either share them in your stories or can reply to them privately.


Hashtags are more like direction boards you see on roads. They take you to the right place if you use them wisely. They define relevance in Instagram. They will help you know what’s happening in the world and what people are currently talking about more. They are a powerful weapon in the social media world including Instagram. Hashtags will help you to acquire automatic Instagram likes for your new posts that can give you a great reach among different sets of audiences. Hashtags make you reach the explore page where your non-followers can see your post.

  • Use the hashtags that are relevant to your content and niche
  • Avoid commonly using hashtags in your posts. They are used in large numbers and the chance of your posts getting higher up will be less.
  • Do research on hashtags based on your content, what is currently trending, and choose them


Tags and mentions are used when there is a presence of a person or their work in others’ posts. If you have a post that includes or is related to another user tag or mentions them. If it’s a post you can tag them. There might be a chance that the post will be looked at by their followers. In the case of stories, it works way better when you mention them. Because the mentioned user can actually share that in their stories. It is another way of reaching out to new audiences.


You can follow anyone’s footsteps or strategies but being authentic is what makes you stand out. Authentic in the sense, being original in every way. Be it your pictures, videos, captions, anything, you try to give a more personal and unique touch that naturally comes from you. And being aesthetic is the treatment you give for your content in a personal and artistic way. They can create an image on you and your page among your followers. They can even bring you a separate set of followers.


As of 2021, people spend more time watching videos than other things on Instagram.  It was an average of 67 minutes per day, a user watching videos on Instagram in 2018 according to some surveys. With the emergence of features such as reels,igtv, it will only increase hereafter. So concentrating on creating content as short videos might be the thing to go for you. Not only that, videos recorded more engagement than photos on Instagram. People share them instantly with their circle when they find it interesting. So you have to explore it and create based on what people like the most in an organic way.


You can ask how this is supposed to help you with increasing the engagement rate? This will not only help that, staying up to date will help you on a whole on any social media. Having knowledge about what’s happening, what’s the trend will help you to stay relevant. You have to be clear about what audiences like today and you have to act according to it.

Using Instagram Bots 

Maybe there are negative points about Instagram bots all over the web and Instagram has also stated that they are against bots, but there are bots such as the v-User Instagram bot that acts like a human. For example, these bots follow your desired contacts, they like their posts, leave comments for them so that the attention of these contacts is drawn to your page, as a result of which they get encouraged to visit your page and follow you if they wish. These activities increase the interaction of your page and make you experience good growth in a short period of time. The bot can help you grow your page to an acceptable level, especially if you have just launched your page, and then you can use and benefit from the above methods. 

We also strongly recommend that if you have fewer than 10,000 followers, you should definitely consider using a safe Instagram bot such as the v-User Instagram bot. 

To see the features of this bot and use its demo version, visit the v-User website. 

These are some tips that will help you to increase your engagement rate on Instagram in the upcoming year. The Only thing you have to do is to keep following these tips effectively.

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