Why is Investing in an Office Air Purifier a Game-Changer for Workspaces?

Office Air Purifier

Involuntarily, post the drastic changes in climate and the resulting environmental hazards, people have begun taking care of their immediate surroundings. The countless warnings and healthcare tips offered by medical professionals have created an awareness of Air purifiers and their benefits.

Several offices and co-working spaces have installed office air purifiers to alleviate the distressing effects of polluted air. Air purifiers have aided closed spaces to revitalise and energise office spaces and homes. Join us as we look at the benefits and features of modern air purifiers and how they may transform your living space.

The Ease to Breathe from 9-5

Businesses are paying more attention to improving their overall office surroundings, whether it’s for workplace productivity or employee well-being. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of these workplace quality improvements are being implemented concurrently with infection prevention measures.

So, why not make the sensible option and invest in a system that boosts employee productivity while protecting against airborne pathogens? Air purifiers are low-cost, tried-and-tested options for rapidly improving indoor air quality in offices. Continue reading to discover the most important benefits of air purifiers and why you should have one in your office.

  • Removes Contaminants-Higher amounts of airborne contaminants are more common in buildings with closed, ineffective, or non-existent ventilation systems. Furthermore, larger concentrations may occur during the winters, when windows and doors are frequently closed. Purifiers help curb entry and do not let these pollutants thrive in closed office spaces.
  • Improves Productivity at Work– Employee and workplace productivity are constant concerns for all firms. Indoor air quality should not be one of the reasons your employees are not able to work. Air purifiers lessen the likelihood of your employees being unwell with allergies, sick building syndrome, or other conditions that disrupt productivity. They also allow your personnel to relax and concentrate on their tasks. If you have staff who suffer from respiratory disorders such as COPD, an  Office air purifier can help.
  • Cost-effective-Maintaining optimal and safe indoor air quality should be the top priority for managers, but this task is very cost-sensitive and heavy on the pocket. Putting up the best office desk air purifiers can help save costs, but not at the expense of the employees’ health.
  • Portable, Convenient, and Energy Efficient-The air purifier’s portable size makes it easy to use and can be kept in living spaces. It does not occupy larger spaces. While the common notion is that adding a machine to the office premises would increase energy demands, Air purifiers are not high-energy-requiring appliances.

Know the Product- Types of Purifiers and Filters

After realising the benefits of installing and investing in an office air purifier for your office spaces, the next step is to understand the types of cleaners in the markets and their nuances. Based on their features and types, each purifier caters to different requirements and functionalities.

Types of Purifiers

  1. Mechanical Filters-The most common and basic air purifier uses a mechanical filter, which traps contaminants and releases clean air back into the environment. These filters need to be replaced regularly.
  1. Ionizer-This filter emits certain ions into the air, which cling to allergens and dust, making them heavy. The heavier particles then settle down and fall to the floor. It uses chemistry as its base working principle by employing negative ions to stick with positive ones.
  1. Activated Carbon Filters– This purifier uses porous material to trap gases, odour and chemicals with a large surface made of activated carbon forms like coconut shells, coal or wood. They are treated to accelerate their absorption capabilities.
  1. UV Germial Irradiation(UVGI)-UVGI purifiers expose dust particles to ultraviolet light, which damages the DNA of these organisms. They are the best option for killing pathogens in the environment. Often, UV filters are used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to reduce fungi in the air. They are placed before the second main filter.
  1. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) – These types of filters are considered the most effective. They are meant to collect 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as allergens, smoke, and pet dander. They eliminate the majority of common allergens and irritants from the air.

Remember to change the filters periodically. Filters accumulate particles over time and lose efficiency. This diminishes the air purifier’s effectiveness and may require the device to work harder to circulate air, resulting in higher energy usage.

Work With Healthy Lungs- Final Solution to Your Problem

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