How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously on PC and Mobile in 2021

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously on PC and Mobile in 2021

You can view Instagram Stories anonymously without having to download anything, whether on Android, iPhone, and PC. For this, it is only necessary that the user whom you want to spy on has a public account on the social network.

If the person has a private profile and you are friends on Instagram, you can also see the Stories without being seen. To do this, you need to download a mobile app or extension in Chrome.

THN News has come up with a solution for you to watch Instagram Stories Anonymously on PC and Mobile in 2021

No need to download anything

To perform the step-by-step below it is not even necessary to have an Instagram account. It is enough that the person’s profile is public (open). The service also allows you to download videos and photos posted.

1. Open the browser of your choice on your computer or smartphone and access the Insta-Stories website;

2. Type or paste the profile name of the user for whom you want to see Stories anonymously and press Enter on the PC or cell phone keyboard. It can be with or without @ or even the profile link on the network;

Site that allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously

3. Soon, Stories published by the person in the last 24 hours and, if you have them, those highlighted will be displayed. To see the Stories in full screen, just click on it;

To see the stories in full screen, just tap on them

4. The Download option is displayed in the upper right corner. Photos are saved in JPEG and videos in MP4.

Downloading Stories anonymity

Apps to download Instagram videos (and stories)

Other site options for viewing Stories anonymously:

If the user has a private Instagram profile

In that case, it will be necessary to resort to applications. Anyway, it is necessary to follow the user (and that he has accepted him) to have access to his Stories.

On Android

If you have an Android smartphone, the tip is to download the Story Saver App. Once downloaded, login with your Instagram credentials.

The login is not done inside the app, it redirects the user to the Instagram page. Thus, developers do not have access to their data. Then, follow the steps below.

1. A list will appear with users who have posted Stories in the past 24 hours. Touch the user’s name and not the photo;

  • If you can’t find who you’re looking for easily, tap the magnifying glass icon and type or paste the profile name (without @). Then tap on the user’s name (not on the photo).

2. You will be taken to a page with thumbnails of all the user’s Stories that are live. Touch the one you want to watch and, in the menu that opens, choose Save.

The Story will be saved in your phone’s image gallery, in the StorySaver folder.

On iPhone

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any app that guaranteed to see the Stories of people with a private profile on the iPhone. The ReShare Story for Instagram app promises to search and view posts in a hidden way.

But it is not possible to guarantee, since you are logged into your account and you need to open the video or photo to view or download it. 

What we can say is that it is possible to see at least the miniatures without being discovered.

On PC (via Chrome)

To view Stories on the PC anonymously, you need to download the Hiddengram extension in Google Chrome. In the Chrome Web Store, click Use in Chrome and confirm with Add Extension.

Access Instagram Web and, if you are not logged in, log in to your account. Note that the extension icon will be available next to the navigation bar. If it’s red, it means you’ll be able to see Stories anonymously.

The app counts how many Stories you viewed without being seen, with a numeric indication next to the logo. To make your profile visible, click on the icon and it will turn green. Click again to return to incognito mode.

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