How to implement Instagram widget on a website

How to implement Instagram Widget on website

Do you want to see your business growing? Here is a golden opportunity for you!

Using Instagram widgets on your website to showcase various Instagram posts from distinct social media channels can be very advantageous for your business. Leveraging benefits from the already benefited platform can be unfolded as an utterly brilliant act.

Hence, embedding Instagram widget on your website helps you in building social trust for your business and can succeed in gaining ample number of customers for you.

What Do You Understand By Instagram Widgets?

As you know, using Instagram feeds on your website is very beneficial for your business due to their concrete audience brace. Instagram feeds can be in the form of image, audio, video, text or the mixture of all of these. They are uploaded by the users voluntarily and are not manipulated in any ways.

You can embed Instagram feeds on your website by using simple aggregator tools. These tools create a button-like feature on your website; this is known as Instagram widget. By just clicking on this button, your visitors can have a look on all your Instagram feeds from various channels, without having to leave your website.

Instagram widgets help in simplifying the task for the visitors and make your website intriguing.

Now, you know how to create Instagram widget, so it’s time for you to be apprised of the tools that you can use to achieve this task.

Best Tools to Create Instagram Widgets For Your Website:

Instagram widgets are created by using social media aggregator tools for Instagram widgets. These tools help in embedding not just Instagram feeds but also Instagram widgets through various hashtags, mentions, handles and channels, on your website.

Here is the list of some amazing tools you can use to create Instagram widgets for your website. You can analyze them all and can choose the best one for your business.

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is counted as the best tool for embedding Instagram widgets to your website. It basically collects various Instagram feeds from district channels and creates an Instagram widget out of it. These Instagram widgets take the visitors to the cosmos of your Instagram feeds directly from your website.

Tagembed helps you in creating responsive widgets with tensile interface.

Instagram widgets help in boosting your engagement with the visitors, thereby influencing them to turn into your customers.

2. Light Widget

Light widget is an amazing tool for creating Instagram widgets for your website. It is compatible with Drupal, Shopify, WordPress or any other website using HTML. You can make your website look glamorous by applying amazing customization features available for the Instagram widgets.

Light widget provides you with responsive Instagram widgets and works very fast and efficiently.

It has an amazing facility to filter hashtags, to make only certain hashtag posts visible. They can be operated in desktop, laptops, tablets and as well as in mobiles.


WPZOOM provides you with the facility of making extremely beautiful widgets for your website using CSS. It also helps in deploying responsive Instagram widgets.

WPZOOM works with all the HTML websites and allows you to set image size, title, number of rows and columns.

Key Benefits of Embedding Instagram Widgets to Your Website:

A). Code-free feature

Embedding Instagram widget is the easiest way to make your website look attractive. It does not require any sort of coding and is a hassle-free process.

You can embed Instagram feeds to your website even if you are not tech-savvy.

B). Increases visitors’ engagement

Using Instagram widgets to make your website interactive is an intelligent way to make your business triumphant among its competitors. You visitors can be intrigued by the responsive nature of your website, thereby spending a lot of time dwelling on your website.

C). Helps you in building social trust

Displaying User-Generated content in the form of Instagram widgets on your website helps you in building social trust among your visitors. Visitors have great faith in peer reviews instead of the brand’s promotion for itself.

D). Provides amazing customization characteristics

Embedding of Instagram widgets on your website comes with fascinating personalization features. You can make your website look attractive by using the provided feature, to allure the audience. These customizations can be done according to the requirement of your website.


Didn’t it intrigue you?
Embedding Instagram widgets on your website can turn out to be a marvelous idea to make your website stand out of the crowd. Instagram widgets allow your visitors and customers to easily be able to see all your Instagram feeds from various Instagram handle and channels to a unified place. By just pressing a button, your visitor can land on all your feeds directly from your website. Providing this ease to your customers and visitors can increase their engagement which further increases the revenue.

Above mentioned are the few tools that you can use to embed Instagram widgets in your website, in a split second.

Therefore, Instagram widgets are the latest feature to improve your website performance, hence making its use can be very advantageous for your business.

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