6 Startup Tips From a Young And Successful Entrepreneur

Sahil Kashyap, the young lad, who started chasing his dreams at the age of 20, while he was persuading his graduation and just within three years, he setup his online portal and company named Today Headline News.

Sahil Kashyap

Business today isn’t old fashioned and perhaps changing day by the day with the advance of Digital Media. There are many start-ups, which have taken the world by surprise and lured youth in to quitting their jobs to follow their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. Not just this, the youth today is making it all possible, just whilst in college or school. Yes, it isn’t impossible and one such example is of Sahil Kashyap, the young lad, who started chasing his dreams at the age of 20, while he was persuading his graduation and just within three years, he setup his online portal and company named Today Headline News. The company served as online news portal for news around the world. From being just a commerce student to a successful entrepreneur in the field of Digital Marketing, a lot changed for Sahil pretty too soon, with all with the hard work and will.

Now having achieved so much, so early, didn’t give him air, rather made him grounded and humbled and hence, Sahil chose to share his success Mantra with people, thinking that it might help the upcoming Digital Marketing students, followers or the youth, to take the success path and earn their glory as well, rather than following just the usual track of falling in to the job traps and not realizing their potential. So, here, Sahil Kashyap share six of his very important success formulas, which can make you believe in yourselves give you a decent ray of hope to hit the road of success, in to the Business World, where age is just a number and all you need is, hard work and learning these formulas by heart and following them with your own efforts. But here is the catch, the formulas might remain theoretical unless, practiced well with your own set of knowledge, belief, and diligent abilities.

So, it starts from giving in your 100% and not even a percent lesser. Today, we all dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs, but remember, it doesn’t come just talking, instead you need to work practically towards becoming one. So, you wanna be your own boss? Here follow these steps and it might bring you closer to your dreams.

  1. Know your Passion

Almost everything starts from your passion and knowing about what you love and doing what you love is what you must aim at. Almost all the startups which have gained success over the time, are the sweet results of great passion behind them. All you need to do is become serious about your passion and follow it in practicality. If you know the source of your passion, the output can be amazing, provided you remain focused, encouraged and carry the belief of its viability, throughout the journey of it becoming the reality. Remember, just knowing about your passion and sitting idle won’t help. You need to get up and get going once you are aware of what you exactly need to do.

  1. Market Research and Analysis

 Either you can be ignorant of where the world stands for what you are about to begin or you can choose to conduct a good online market research of your passion/idea/business thought and self-analyze the market, before jumping into the business world. Knowing your target audience is the beginning of the market research and then the steps like who all are already into your idea and at what level. Then studying your competitors in the market or rather the successful entrepreneur and knowing their success journeys, is a good step to study the market as well as learn about do’s and don’ts while following your passion. So, when If you are ignorant actually about the idea, there are severe chances of a big disaster which can lead you to failing before even you start. That is why studying the market is an important key.

  1. Financial Pile up

Doesn’t matter how good the idea or your passion is, it would eventually need funds. So, get ready to either seek funds from the investors, family or friends for your idea, convincing them of your creative business plan, or save for yourself. This could be from doing part-time jobs for a while and saving as much as possible and even includes your school/college pocket monies. Remember, small pileups become huge mountains one day. So, it’s never too late to start saving but the early, the better.

  1. Becoming the Scapegoat

Yes, the term if simplified, would mean that you will eventually need to become victim for some time to sacrifice your personal needs, time and self to achieve your dreams. Becoming successful is no joke, but you can joke about it, once you have become successful enough. So, you will no doubt it will cost you your personal life a hell lot. Lesser or zero OTT platform viewing, may one of your most loved things in today’s world, if you are a party animal, forget being one for sometime and rather invest your time and money towards achieving your goals. So overall, a good personal sacrifice, would lead to a great professional you. Perhaps, your success eventually, will overcome all your sacrifices one day, making you proud and happy.

  1. Having a Guru

This simply means to find yourself an experience master, no matter what age, but the one, who has gone through all the above stages to making it into the business world. Your master is there to guide you through your thick and thin and all your fumbles coz remember, you are not a master of the trade yet and will need guidance at several steps. The Guru you choose could even be your friend, teacher, father, or any random person but will play a vital role in shaping your dreams and bringing them in line and sync with reality, putting in his own efforts and experience. Also, your Guru would always have better connects in all the required trade to put you on to the oath of success, since he/she has walked the same path already. So, don’t wait and just find the right person as your guiding light, to help your become a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Plan first, move Next

Nothing comes without a concrete plan of action. You can never and shall never get going randomly after your ideas, dreams, or passion. A planned way is always the best way. Set in your timelines, budgets, Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and if needed the exit plan. Yes, startups are thrilling but they can end up becoming a tragedy if not planned. So, challenge yourself every day with a plan of action and achieve your goals. Forget the hindrances or fallouts. Yes, you will fall, not once but several times. But, each time, get up, and get going and finally you shall reach the finale of your entrepreneurial voyage.

So, these were a few steps that Sahil Kashyap followed and is now a very successful and is putting steps forward to expand almost every day. If he can, why can’t you?

Sahil’s Conclusive remarks to success, in his words

“Look, success isn’t served easy on a platter; it is achieved through your hard work and focus. You will face many challenges and obstacles which eventually you shall overcome if you stay steady and don’t get panicked from failure. Even if you fail, remember almost all legends failed not just once but several times, before becoming the ones, people idolize today. Simply follow the steps I followed and just shared with you and who knows, you might be the next Sahil Kashyap?”