Who is Thara Bhai Joginder? Once lived in poverty, now he has a big house

Who is Thara Bhai Joginder

A renowned YouTuber and social media influencer gained fame through his catchphrase “Thara Bhai Joginder.” Despite his current status as a significant influencer, he once faced extreme poverty. During that challenging period, he lived in a modest mud house, struggling to afford even school fees. In a poignant video, he shared glimpses of his past and present homes, highlighting the remarkable journey from financial hardship to influential success.

According to the video, he shows his old house where he shares many memories. ” During the home tour, he showcases the entire house. Where he used to eat, where he used to sleep, where he used to play. He said, “At that time he did not even have enough money to get the door of his bathroom installed.” For 18 years, he used to make only one cloth curtain and use it. During rainy days, water started dripping from the roof of his house. But now he has a new home, and his dedication and efforts have transformed his bad days into very good days.

In 2020, YouTuber Deepak Kalal roasted Joginder’s video. ‘Thara Bhai Joginder’ had asked social media users to support him. In 2020, he established the YouTube channel “Thara Bhai Joginder,” which has garnered over 125,000 subscribers to date. This year has been nothing less than a miracle for him. This year he received so many work offers which completely changed his life.

Who is Thara Bhai Joginder?

In 2020, he appeared in a Haryanvi video song titled ‘Jheel’ Sumit Jat sang the song. The same year, he appeared in a comedy video titled ‘Pyaar’ on YouTube titled ‘V/S Lootpaat’; He uploaded the video on his YouTube channel Thara Bhai Joginder. In 2020, he appeared in a print advertisement for Raymond. Joginder Yadav has received both gold and silver plaques on YouTube. In 2023, he appeared in the youth-based Indian reality show ‘MTV Roadies Karma Ya Kaand’ (season 19) as a contestant.

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