Parents stopped her from meeting Boyfriend, Daughter files a Rape case against father in Madhya Pradesh

Rape case agaist father
Credits: India

In a brutal incident, a man from Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district allegedly raped his daughter twice during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The 18-year-old had also alleged that her mother assisted him in raping her twice within 16 days during the lockdown period. Nonetheless, the girl’s parents denied all the allegations charged by her.

Shockingly, the parents have claimed that their daughter framed wrong allegations against them as they objected to her relationship with a youth.

As per a report published in The Times of India, the girl was allegedly first raped on March 26 when her father grabbed her while she was working in the kitchen.

Rape case agaist father
Credits: India

The father had reportedly tied her to a bed while her mother stuffed a piece of cloth in her mouth such that she wouldn’t make a noise. The girl had claimed that after she was sexually assaulted her, they both locked her inside a room so she could not call the police.

As per a TOI report, on April 10, the rape survivor somehow managed to escape from the place and reached her aunt’s house, but much to everyone’s shock, she took her back, and the girl was raped again.

Her elder sister called toll-free number ‘1028’ operated by crime against women cell. The police immediately came and rescued the woman. She also showed some nasty bite marks on her cheek to the police.

Meanwhile, the rape survivor also informed the police that her father had been attempting to molest her when she was in high school. The 18-year-old woman has two elder sisters. The parents of the girls were caught by the cops.

SP Asit Yadav told the reporters: “Parents have a different version. We will have to seize corroborative evidences including the cloths that she worn on the day she was raped.”

It has been learnt that the girl’s father is a retired school education department officer. The district police have immediately initiated a probe into the case. It is to be noted that the girl’s statement would now be recorded before a magistrate.