Men dig up grave to rape woman’s dead body in Karachi’s Pakistan

Men dig up grave to rape woman's dead body
Image: BBC

KARACHI: Unidentified men dug up the grave of a woman here in a graveyard in the city’s Landhi Town area and raped the dead body, according to the deceased’s family who said they did not wish to file any cases regarding the horrible incident.

A large number of the late woman’s relatives, as well as her neighbours, reached Ismail Goth Graveyard after they were alerted of the heinous act. They were informed that some men had dug up the grave of the deceased — who had been buried just one day earlier — and raped the body.

It was unclear how many men were involved in the unthinkable act.

The family further said the undertaker responsible for the maintenance and upkeep in the graveyard told them that a dog had removed the slab from the freshly-made grave.

They did not think a dog would be capable of removing the slab from a grave, they explained, adding that the grave-digger vanished from the graveyard later.

Police, on the other hand, have gathered evidence from the site of the crime and confirmed that the grave-digger was nowhere to be found. Searches were being carried out to look for and detain him, they said.

The late woman’s relatives told the police that they did not wish up to take any legal action over the matter but stressed on their appeal that such incident should not take place in the future.

Source: GEO TV

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