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After failing on every front on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is now turning to the International Court of Justice. A proposal has been passed in Parliament regarding this. However, while doing so, she forgot that shortly, Pakistan had got despondent on the case of former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav from this court. Taking no lessons from this, Pakistan is going to knock on the doors of ICJ again. However, we tell you what are the arguments about which Pakistan is going to this court. At the same time, he will also tell you how much his arguments will be able to stand in front of India.

The reason behind going to ICJ
According to experts, the decision to take the issue of Jammu and Kashmir to the ICJ is a compulsion for Pakistan as well as a hug. Experts believe that there are three big reasons behind this decision. The first reason is the pressure of the people of Pakistan and the second reason is diverting the attention of the people from poverty, hunger, and the constantly falling economy. The third reason is the helplessness of the government and the prominence of the army. This can be understood from the fact that every government of Pakistan has played bets on Kashmir and has provoked the sentiments of the people. So if she leaves it, then there will be nothing left there, and in her mind, the biggest shock is to become a free country of Dhaka from Pakistan. Pakistan tried to avenge it several times but never got success. Pakistan has a misconception that it will avenge Dhaka by separating Jammu and Kashmir from India,

These are the arguments of Pakistan
Let us tell you that Pakistan is constantly trying to spread the lie that India is violating human rights in Kashmir at various forums inside and outside the country. Apart from this, he has also been making false accusations on the Indian Army deployed in Jammu and Kashmir. In the debate in the Parliament of Pakistan after the decision of the Central Government on Jammu and Kashmir, the leaders even said that India wants to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir by ending Article 370. During this joint session, the entire world saw the inane manner that terrorism was being spread in Jammu and Kashmir. During this time it was also said that Pakistan has always been the voice of Kashmir and will continue this war against India. Pakistan is planning to go to the ICJ with these false arguments. But the question is how much power these arguments have. Actually, The reality of these arguments is something else. The truth is that all these pleas are sure to pile up in front of the Indian side. The Indian side has always been strong on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

This is the side of India: –

Immediately after the independence of India and Pakistan, the Kabalis had invaded Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan.
The then Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir signed the treaty on accession to India, which is the main evidence recorded in the documents and history.
In the last seven decades, Pakistan made people terrorists by luring money. For the past seven decades, Pakistan’s land has been a safe haven for terrorists. From here, terrorism is being exported not only in Jammu and Kashmir of India but all over the world. Jammu and Kashmir was an integral part of India and always will be.
On the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, many Muslim nations have directly favored India and rejected Pakistan’s side.
Pakistani politicians have confessed in their Parliament that no country stands with Pakistan on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.
Several countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) of the Islamic countries are preferring trade relations with India and denying Pakistan’s favor on Jammu and Kashmir.
India is ready to negotiate with Pakistan on all issues including Jammu and Kashmir, but for this, it will have to destroy the terrorism factories from here. The second condition is that India will talk on the same part of Jammu and Kashmir which is called Ghulam Kashmir and on which Pakistan has made illegal possession (PoK).

Not only India, now all the countries of the world believe that Pakistan is a factory of terrorism. That is why the FATF’s sword hangs over him. Keeping in mind the nefarious intent of Pakistan, all security measures were taken throughout the state before Article 370 was abolished. The government is slowly normalizing the situation. Schools and colleges are being opened. The needs of the people there are being taken care of. The government is working towards providing all amenities and a safe environment to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
It would be better if Pakistan talks about Jammu and Kashmir and the people there, even if they worry about the human rights of the people of Balochistan.
For decades, the people of Balochistan have been raising their voices against Pakistan. He has been demonstrating this in other countries of the world including Pakistan. Thousands of Baloch have been killed by the Pakistan Army and thousands have not been known till date.
Even after opposition from India, China and Pakistan are taking forward the work of sepac in slave Kashmir.
Pakistan has consistently referred to Jammu and Kashmir as a Muslim-only state, while the fact is that the Punjabi community, including Hindus, has been living here for decades besides Muslims. But due to the sponsored terrorism spread by Pakistan, Hindus were intimidated and taken out of their houses and their houses occupied.
Pakistan has been continuously funding the cause of increasing terrorism and separatism in Jammu and Kashmir.
Former President of Pakistan General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf has accepted that the help of Jaish-e-Mohammed has been used many times to carry out attacks in India.
People of Jammu and Kashmir have lagged behind in education and development due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism. The terrorists met the separatists and set fire to schools here, rioting.
Pakistan has always portrayed the wrong image of the Indian Army. While the reality is that the army is helping the Kashmiris there.
Pakistan officials have been making false statements against India by showing false pictures in the United Nations. Which the international community knows better. Pakistan’s United Nations officer Maliha Lodhi is a living example of this, who made a laugh all over the world by calling the picture of a girl injured in the Gaza Strip a Kashmiri girl.
It was only after the attack on the Indian Army by Jaish-e-Mohammad that India took a surgical strike and Balakot air strike in the occupied territory of Pakistan, which was welcomed by many countries.
There is no dearth of people who say the verdict of Jammu and Kashmir India is right, but the governments never let them come forward.
An intelligentsia of Pakistan is constantly putting the activities of Pakistan in front of the world.
All the governments of Pakistan have been controlled by the army there, where the army runs the government in the name of democracy. This thing is not hidden from anyone. The army has not favored creating an atmosphere free of terror in Jammu and Kashmir by any means.
On the LoC too, Pakistan has deployed an army of terrorists with the army. This force infiltrates and gets into the Indian border and has been carrying out blasphemous tasks like destroying the bodies of Indian soldiers several times in the past.
Pakistan has been consistently saying that the abolition of Article 370 has made a mockery of its own constitution, whereas the truth is that it has been abolished according to the Indian Constitution and on the grounds contained in Article 370.
The development of the state was stalled due to Article 370, the Government of India will now accelerate development there.
Jammu and Kashmir and its people have immense potential for development. After the abolition of Article 370, the Center and the State Government will jointly take the path of development here.
The law and order situation of Jammu and Kashmir and its constitutional situation is entirely an internal matter of India, but there is no question of interference of any country.
Pakistan has been constantly trying to portray the wrong image of India by threatening the independence of Muslims living in India, while the truth is that the Muslims of India who are more than the total population of Pakistan, the decisions taken on Jammu and Kashmir. Consider it correct.

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