Muslim man changed his name Sanjay Chaubey, sold vegetables allegedly contaminated with spit

Javed changed his name Sanjay Chaubey
Image: theyouth

A video went viral on social media like wildfire in which a vegetable vendor can be seen spitting over and over and wiping his mouth with his hand. Javed a Muslim man was selling vegetables in Indira Nagar by changing his name to Sanjay Chaubey.

The video, which is doing the rounds on social media, shows a Muslim man selling vegetables in the streets with contaminated hands. The video further displays that the vendor sneezes and coughs and deliberately wipes his nose with his hands and then he uses the same hand for picking up the vegetables to customers.

It has been learnt that Javed deliberately changed his name to Sanjay Chaubey so that no one could identify him. His intention to change his name and contaminate vegetables with his spit suggest that he was bent upon spreading coronavirus at a large level.

He was immediately caught by locals spitting over vegetables. When asked why he changed his name to Sanjay, he apologized for changing his name. In the video, the Javed in Indira Nagar is seen contaminating the vegetables with his saliva before he sold it to his customers.

In the video, he is seen moving his vegetable cart in the colony and arranging a variety of vegetables on his cart. When asked by locals why he was contaminating the vegetables with his saliva, he said nothing and sought an apology from people.

Each time he spits and purposely touches his mouth and licks his hand and then uses the same hand, smeared with his saliva, to pick up the vegetables and re-arrange on his cart.

He purposely contaminates the vegetables which he would eventually be selling to his customers. At a time when India is going through a bad patch while combating the Coronavirus, which is exponentially spreading across the world, this vegetable seller intentionally uses his saliva to spread the infection by indulging in such shameful acts.

Strict action needs to be taken against him by the administration so that no one won’t be spared for such shameful acts.

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