‘Liberals’ and Islamists attack cricketer Ravindrasinh Jadeja, mock Rajput community

Islamists attack cricketer Ravindrasinh Jadeja
Image: Jadeja

Cricketer Ravindrasinh Jadeja on Sunday took to Twitter to show his swordsmanship skills.

However, soon after he shared his video, he was attacked by ‘liberals’ and Islamists who not only mocked his swordsmanship but also abused the Rajput community.

Islamists like JNUSU officebearer too joined in hating on the Rajput community.

Columnist with Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint, too, joined in mocking the Rajput community.

Self-proclaimed ‘liberals’ too shared memes to imply that the Rajput have never won any major war in history.

Similar shaming tweets were shared by many.

However, amidst all the hate, there was also good-natured humour as other cricketers also cheered Jadeja.

Cricketer David Warner and Jaydev Unadkat cheered him on.