Muslim group forcing a man to shout “Islam Zindabad’ – Watch video

Muslim group
Image: Screenshot from video

Atrocities by the religious extremists have now become common in India and these people are continuously spreading hatred and crime with a single goal to divide India. An old video is circulating on Twitter for many days wherein an apparent Muslim group was brutally beating a person and forcing him to shout “Islam Zindabad’.

This video shows the heinous barbaric nature of these so called religious lovers who were beating a men and the video was believed to be from an unknown location in India. It was posted on the Twitter handle of @NaziaKhanUSA, wherein she urged the @UNHumanRights organization to have a look into the matter.

This so-called religious group was seen laughing at the man whom they were torturing, forcing him to shout Hail Islam (Islam Zindabad). The victim was pulled up and down by some of them while another one was beating him non-stop. Not only that, this insane group forced the man to hurl abusive words at the Prime Minister of India- Narendra Modi.

The video shows the cruelty and mindset of some of the Islamic extremists who call themselves the true followers of God. The ordinary Muslims of must stand against them and expel from the community before they do much damage. The actions and atrocities of the men in the video against the victim clearly tell the great garbage that is stuffed in their mind which makes them perform such barbaric crimes.

People could not control their anger after seeing this video by Nazia Khan on Twitter and in only a few minutes after it was uploaded, there were comments from people from all over the world criticising this religiously blind fringe. However, some even supported this act, which raised a question mark on the mindset of not only the men in the video but also the ones supporting the act openly on twitter.

This whole event of brutally beating a person and forcing him to shout “Islam Zindabad’,  has stirred up a heated debate on Twitter. It also uncovered the mentality of some loony fringes who are spreading hatred against other religions in India.

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