‘Muslim Lives Matter’ trends on social media, demands for ‘protests’ in India

Numerous accounts on social media are calling upon Muslims to 'rise up' because 'if we not now then we are done for'.

Delhi Riots
Image: Twitter | Delhi Riots

The USA has seen unprecedented riots in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, an African American, by the Police. The ‘protests’ after the death escalated into full-fledged riots, arson, vandalism and looting. Stores, both big and small, were ransacked by thugs and the Police was helpless before them. Soon, the national guards had to be deployed to get the situation under control. Under such circumstances, ‘Muslim Lives matter’ is trending on Twitter.

In the wake of the outbreak of protests, a consortium of Indian ‘intellectuals’ are busy trying to incite the sentiments of Muslims. They want Muslims to take to the streets for this so-called ‘Muslim Lives Matter’ protests. Ashok Swain, a professor from Sweden, was quite open about it and stated it explicitly.


He is not the only one making such calls. Numerous accounts on social media are calling upon Muslims to ‘rise up’ because ‘if we not now then we are done for’. The hashtags #MuslimLivesMatter and #Muslim_LIVES_MATTER are being trended on twitter, drawing a false equivalence between Muslims in India and African Americans in the USA.

‘Muslim Lives Matter’ trends on social media
Source: Twitter

Even the students of Jamia Milia Islamia who are accused of involvement in the anti-CAA riots that gripped the national capital after the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act are being glorified by such individuals who appear to believe that the murder of innocent African Americans by the Police in USA is equivalent to prosecuting those accused of inciting violence legally.

‘Muslim Lives Matter’ trends on social media
Source: Twitter

Mohammed Zubair, who is the co-founder of the Islamic propaganda outlet Altnews, has also been attempting to equate Muslims in India with Black Americans in the USA.

Rana Ayyub, too, equated the deaths due to vigilantism in India with police brutality in the USA. While cow smuggling is a rampant malice that is perpetuated in India, that has horrible consequences including the murder of innocent, it cannot be equated with police brutality in the USA, which is the murder of innocent men and women by those in uniform.

Furthermore, the professional fake-news peddler, who has earned quite a lot of fame in western circles due to her willingness to spread propaganda against the Indian ruling establishment, claims that Donald trump in the United States and the BJP in India enable ‘hate crimes’ against African Americans in the USA and Muslims in India respectively, both of which are completely deluded claims to make.

All of this is geared towards inciting a new cycle of violence in India and helping absolve the ones of guilty of fuelling the first spell of riots of all their sins. A deliberate propaganda campaign has been launched so that if any riots occur in the near future, then it can be justified as an uprising against a brutal Indian regime by ‘oppressed Muslims’.

The circumstances of African Americans in the USA and Muslims in India cannot be equated in any manner whatsoever. Muslims in India have always been treated more than equally by the Indian Constitution with a plethora of minoritarian policies even after the country was partitioned due to demands made by Indian Muslims in the 1940s for the creation of a separate Islamic state.

The African Americans, on the other hand, have gained no such privileges. Furthermore, their ancestors were brought in as slaves by Whites centuries. Indian Muslims do not have a history of slavery at all. Therefore, drawing such false equivalences is a gross distortion of history.

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