Muslim Men Abusing Women For Carrying a Bag in Saffron Colour in Karnataka

Muslim men harass Women
Image: Opindia

The incident that had happened in Davangere district of Karnataka was dangerously shocking. A series of videos have gone viral on social media in no time, in which a group of Muslims was seen blatantly hurling abuses at women for purchasing goods from Hindu shops.

In a video, a Muslim mob encircled women on the streets of Davangere, who had just come out a shop owned by Hindus. They used extremely crude abuses for the women and stopped them from purchasing goods from Hindu shops.

Muslim men harassed women just because they were carrying a bag in Saffron colour. These women had reportedly gone to the market to buy goods and clothes. When they were returning from the market, they were stopped and attacked by certain people.

In the horrifying video, it can be seen how Muslim people thronged the street to abuse two women coming out BS Channabasappa and Sons, a popular cloth shop owned by Hindus in Davangere city. The mob can also be seen hounding the burqa-clad women for carrying their purchases in ‘saffron’ carry bags.

The video, which is doing the rounds on social media, shows that the angry mob is not only using extremely offensive and rude language against women but openly targeting them.

In the video, the mob can be seen snatching the goods from women and taking out the clothes from the Saffron coloured plastic bags. This had become a cause of serious concerns for all women. After this horrifying incident, women might be scared of purchasing goods from Hindu shops.

They forced women to return the goods purchased from the Hindu store. It’s appalling how these radical people are harassing women and expressing their deep-seated hate for Hindus.

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