Maulana kills unborn child, painful Halala story of a Muslim woman

Painful Halala story of a Muslim woman

Halala is a controversial practice in some Muslim communities that involves a woman marrying another man after obtaining a divorce from her previous husband in order to remarry her first husband. This practice has generated significant debate and criticism due to its implications for women’s rights, gender equality, and the interpretation of Islamic law.

The term “halala” is derived from the Arabic word “halal,” which means permissible or lawful. In the context of marriage, it refers to the process through which a divorced couple can remarry each other after the woman marries and divorces another man. This practice is often seen as a way to address the prohibition of remarriage between a divorced couple without the intervention of a third party.

Story of Adaa- Daughter of Maulama, who left Islam

Girls are only meant to sleep with someone; they have no value. Can a father use such derogatory words for his daughter? This story is about a girl who has seen nothing but sorrow in her life since childhood and has never been fortunate enough to experience a father’s love.

This is the story of a girl named Adaa, who has now become an ex-Muslim and is troubled by her father’s actions and societal norms. She shared her story with everyone through the Uncompromising India YouTube channel.

Adaa begins the story from the time before she was even born. She explains that when her father married her mother, he was already married and had a child, but he didn’t inform his first wife about it. After a few days, she discovers that her husband has another wife who is also pregnant and has another child.

When Adaa’s mother learns about this, she confronts her father and asks him why he did such a thing and ruined her life. Upon hearing this, her father, who was an Imam, used to beat her with a whip. Adaa’s father, “Imam Sahab,” was highly respected in their society and held strong and orthodox beliefs.

Adaa’s father killed his 6-month-old baby girl

She further reveals that one day, the infant daughter of Imam Sahab’s first wife, who was around 6-7 months old and crawling, was crying profusely. She ended up crying her way to Imam Sahab, who scolded her, intensifying her cries. In a fit of anger, he picked her up and threw her, causing her head to collide with the wall.

Tragically, the innocent child lost her life. When his second wife learned about this, she appealed to society for help, but due to Imam Sahab’s high standing, everyone dismissed it as a mere coincidence, believing that he couldn’t have done such a thing. Unable to bear the loss, the first wife couldn’t save herself from the grief and left him. Imam Sahab would repeatedly blame his second wife for that, stating that his first wife was gone because of her.

Adaa’s father had no objection to halal

Following this, a woman goes to the house of a cleric imam sahib, and meets his wife. The woman’s husband mistakenly utters the word divorce to her, resulting in their divorce being finalized. Now, she will have to perform halal and remarry her husband in order to reconcile with him. The cleric, Imam Sahab, is performing the halal.

To dissuade the woman from going through with it, she approaches the cleric’s wife and tries to make her understand. Imam Sahab’s wife tries to stop him and begins explaining the laws to him, but Imam Sahab says that only Islamic laws are recognized and will be followed. In a fit of anger, he grabs his wife by her hair and pushes her. She was pregnant, and due to this, she starts experiencing bleeding, resulting in a miscarriage. but Imam Sahib does not care about this.

When Adaa was born, her father was not happy.

Imam Sahab’s wife becomes pregnant again, and during these days, she goes to her parent’s house. Imam Sahab also goes there, and his wife gives birth to a girl. However, Imam Sahab is not happy about this at all. Adaa reveals that her mother was extremely scared because of everything her father did to her older sister, so she never left Adaa alone.

She always kept her close or tied her up. One day, Adaa’s mother forgets to tie her up, and as a result, Adaa ends up going to Maulana’s (cleric’s) place. But her mother immediately picks her up and takes her back. It is at that moment that Imam Sahab says, “You did the right thing by picking her up; otherwise, she would have come into my hands. Anyway, what good are they? it will only be useful for someone’s sleep. in the future.”

Adaa’s father was a very rigid person, and he didn’t even inform his wife about her father’s death. When his wife eventually found out, she became very angry, and as a result, Imam Sahab burned his wife’s hand in the hot stove. Disturbed by this incident, Adaa goes to her mother and also takes a divorce from Imam Sahab.

Adaa and her mother’s life become even more hell, after the divorce.

After the divorce, Adaa and her mother’s lives were turned into a living hell by the people around them. Adaa’s mother used to teach at a madrasa (Islamic school), but she was expelled from there after the divorce. They couldn’t find any work anywhere, so they moved to another city. However, when Adaa started going to the madrasa for her studies, children who were around 15 to 20 years old would taunt her, saying that her mother engaged in immoral activities in the other city.

Slowly, they started explaining to Adaa, who was only six years old at that time, and she began to understand. Adaa started going to a regular school, but she noticed a stark difference in what was taught there compared to what she had learned at the madrasa.

This made her go back to the madrasa and engage in discussions and ask questions, which led other children to also agree with her and start asking questions. Seeing all this, Adaa was expelled from the madrasa, and she was told that she would become just like her mother. In the neighborhood, no one allowed their children to play with Adaa. Adaa never received any love from her father, and society took away her childhood as well.

When Adaa learns about the truth of Islam

After that, Adaa started to explore Islam and understand humanity. She began reading the Quran, which allowed her to gain a much better understanding of Islam. Upon reading it, she realized that everything that had happened to her and her mother was completely justified according to the Quran.

Adaa says, “According to the Quran, whatever impurity exists in society is solely due to the Quran itself.” And according to the Quran, no one can rightfully accuse Imam Sahab or impose any punishment on him. As a result, she decides to leave Islam and becomes an ex-Muslim. She also creates a YouTube channel with the same name to educate Muslim girls about Islam and ensure that they don’t experience what she and her mother went through.

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