Two Muslim girls marry their Hindu partners in temples

In both cases, the Muslim girl's family was opposed to their relationship with Hindu men and was adamant about marrying off their daughters to Muslim men.

Muslim girls marry hindu boys
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In Uttar Pradesh, two incidents have emerged wherein Muslim girls have embraced Hindu Dharma and married their Hindu boyfriends. In both cases, the Muslim girl’s family was opposed to their relationship with Hindu men and was adamant about marrying off their daughters to Muslim men. The first matter pertains to Sitapur and the second to the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. 

Reportedly, Rubia, a Bisesar resident in Rampur Mathura police station precinct in Sitapur has been in a relationship with Pradeep Yadav. Pradeep Yadav is a resident of Meudi Sevaliya of the Thana Gaon police station precinct. Upon learning that Rubia’s family is opposed to her union with Pradeep, several Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) members arrived at her village along with the police and got the duo married according to the Hindu rituals at a temple. Rubia changed her name to Rajni. Acharya Deepak Mishra, the VHP’s Dharmacharya leader, blessed the newly married couple with an idyllic married life. On the other hand, the girl’s family has severed all ties with her.

Vipul Pratap Singh, Department President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Awadh Province, stated that the couple loves each other and wanted to tie the knot. However, the girl’s family was pressuring her to have nikah with another man. Both of them were married according to Hindu rituals with the assistance of the police.

Rubina Khan becomes Ruby Awasthi in Bahraich after marrying her Hindu boyfriend

In the Bahraich incident, Rubina Khan, a Shivpur resident in the Kotwali Dehat police station area, was in a relationship with a Hindu man named Shesh Kumar Awasthi, however, as the two belonged to different religious communities their family was opposed to their union. The two then got married in a temple. As the girl’s family learnt about her marriage to a Hindu man, they lodged a complaint accusing Shesh Kumar Awasthi of abducting Rubina. On Monday, June 5, the couple was produced before the court. 

During the hearing, Rubina informed the court that she is an adult. Rubina added that has embraced Hinduism of her own free will and married according to the Hindu rituals. Rubina also furnished her high school mark sheet, following which the court concluded that she was above 18 years. Following this, the court ruled that Rubina Khan, who changed her name to Ruby Awasthi, be handed over to her husband’s family and provided police protection. 

Notably, Rubina had fled her house two weeks back. The police had found Rubina and Shesh in Mumbai. Following their marriage, Shesh Kumar Awasthi’s father has expressed joy over the couple’s marriage. 

Source: OpIndia

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