Bengaluru Riots: ‘Just because I’m from Congress, should I not speak about Dharma’, Naveen tells police

P Naveen, who is accused of 'blasphemy' by Muslim mobs in Bengaluru

P Naveen
P Naveen, who is accused of 'blasphemy' by Muslim mobs in Bengaluru

P Naveen, the nephew of Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, whose social media post is alleged to have triggered the Muslim mobs to unleash violence on the streets of Bengaluru, on Friday asserted his links with the Congress party. According to a report by Kannada daily Vijayavani, Naveen, who is currently in police custody for his alleged Facebook post, has openly affirmed his association with the Congress party during the course of a police investigation into the Bengaluru riots case.

“Just because I am from Congress, should I not speak about Dharma,” the young Congress leader has reportedly quipped the Bengaluru police.

Reportedly, the nephew of the Congress MLA has revealed sensational information pertaining to Bengaluru riots to the police officials during his investigation. The Bengaluru police have registered a case against Naveen under IPC sections 153A and 295.

Naveen denies any wrongdoing, says his life is under threat

During the investigation, Naveen has also denied any wrongdoing or posting any derogatory content against any religion or faith. The arrested Congress party worker has also said that he has time-and-again responded to the anti-Hindu comments on social media platforms and alleged that few people are conspiring against him for protecting the interests of Hindus on social media platforms.

Naveen has also pointed out to the police that he has been receiving a lot of threats to his life following the incident.

It is pertinent to note that following the Bengaluru riots, Naveen has been receiving threats from Islamists, Muslim mobs for allegedly making derogatory comments against Islam. We had reported on how Islamists had descended on social media platforms to wish death for Naveen following riots in Bengaluru.

Earlier, Former Samajwadi Party leader and ‘social worker’ Shahzeb Rizvi had also announced a bounty of Rs 51 lakh on the head of a Karnataka Congress MLA’s nephew for blasphemy.

Even the FIR filed by the Bengaluru police in connection with riots had also made shocking revelations stating that the Muslim mob wanted to kill Naveen for the alleged posts and resorted to torching down two police stations after police tried to protect him.

War of words between Congress and BJP over his political affiliation

Days, after Muslim mob had unleashed riots on KG Halli and DJ Halli police station in Bengaluru over an alleged Facebook post made by Naveen, a war of words had broken out between the BJP and the opposition Congress in the state over the political links of Naveen.

The Congress party, holding on to its minority appeasement card, had disowned Naveen and had attacked him for allegedly making derogatory comments against Islam rather than condemning the Muslim mobs for unleashing violence. In doing so, the Congress party chief in the state DK Shivakumar had claimed that Naveen was a supporter of the BJP.

Responding to DK Shivakumar’s political tirade, Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwath Narayan had provided proofs, including posters featuring DK Shivakumar and Naveen together to declare that the ‘blasphemy’ accused was a Congress worker.

Nevertheless, with Naveen himself confessing about his links with the Congress party, controversies surrounding his political affiliations seem to have now reached an end.

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