Bengaluru riots: Muslim mob wanted to kill Naveen for his ‘blasphemous’ post

The FIR further alleged that the mob assaulted policemen as they blocked their way to kill one individual named Naveen for posting alleged derogatory posts.

Bengaluru riots
Islamists attacked and torched two police stations in Bengaluru (courtesy: Bangalore Mirror)

The Muslim mobs that ran amok in the streets of Bengaluru on Tuesday night, while torching down the police stations and Congress MLA’s house, wanted to kill the MLA R Akhanda Srinivas Murthy’s nephew Naveen for his alleged defamatory social media post, said an FIR lodged by the Bengaluru police.

According to the FIR, a mob of around 600 to 800 people had gathered with weapons outside the KG Halli police station on Tuesday evening. The armed Muslim mob, shouting abusive slogans against the police, began to attack the policemen after they did not let them to kill the man who had made derogatory comments about our religion.

The FIR further alleged that the mob assaulted policemen as they blocked their way to kill one individual named Naveen for posting alleged derogatory posts. The frenzied mob also torched down government and private vehicles at the station.

A copy of the FIR filed by KG Halli police in connection with the Bengaluru riots

Some policemen were injured and tried to lathi-charge the crowd but could not control the mob, said the FIR filed by KG Halli police officials.

The Bengaluru Police has named 17 people in the FIR for leading a mob of around 800 people and vandalizing two police stations and the residence of Congress MLA Akhand Srinivas Murthy. The FIR mentioned that the mob had come with a motive to vandalise the police station and kill cops. The FIR pointed out that the mob threatened to hack the cops to death.

Armed mob attacked with sticks, stones: FIR

The police officials said that they fired two warning shots in the air to clear the mob. However, the mob turned more violent and torched public property in nearby areas using petrol, the FIR said. It added that Muslim mob used sticks, stones, clubs and rods to damage public property, and tried to enter the police station with petrol in bottles and plastic bags.

Even though the police had announced that the area was under Section 144, the mob did not relent and continued to unleash violence on the cops. The FIR said that just when the mob started to disperse, some of them tried to snatch police weapons. It was then that the police fired in self-defence, the FIR lodged at KG Halli Police Station said.

Bengaluru police files FIR against five for instigating riots

In another FIR, the Bengaluru Police have booked five people in connection with the riots in the city that was unleashed on Tuesday evening. Reportedly, the five people had led a mob of 200-300 Islamists during the Bengaluru riots, called for ‘hacking the cops to death’.

The FIR states that these Islamists who were armed with machetes, stones, rods and other weapons allegedly raised slogans of “kill the cops and finish them” as they ransacked KG Halli and DJ Halli police stations on the night of August 11.

Amidst chants of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and ‘Nara e Taqbeer’, Muslim mob unleashed violence in Bengaluru

On Tuesday, a Muslim mob went on a rampage and unleashed brutal violence and arson in Bengaluru on Tuesday evening over a Facebook post that was allegedly derogatory to Prophet Mohammad. The Muslim mob hit the streets near DJ Halli and KG Halli police station areas on Tuesday evening and attacked a Congress MLA’s house after one of his relatives had allegedly made a derogatory Facebook post.

More than 60 police personnel were injured in the stone-pelting and the subsequent riots unleashed by the irate Muslim mobs. At least 10 vehicles, including Innovas of two DCPs, were damaged in front of the stations. The mob also set fire to the vehicles in front of the DJ Halli police station.

During the pre-planned attack, the Muslim mob, carrying petrol bombs and other weapons, also barged into the nearby police quarters and attacked the premises. The Muslim mob was seen raising Islamic slogans like ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ and ‘Nara-e-Taqbeer’ outside the police station.

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