Bengaluru riots: Muslim mob attacks journalists and 60 policemen injured in stone-pelting

Muslim mobs in Bangalore
Bengaluru police vehicles torched (L) and Journalists attacked (R)/ Image Source: Chiru Bhat

More than 60 police personnel have been injured in the stone-pelting and the subsequent riots unleashed by Muslim mobs in the KG Halli, Bengaluru on Tuesday evening.

According to the reports, at least 60 policemen sustained injuries after Muslim mob hurled bottles and stones at them. The situation took an ugly turn after two separate Muslim mobs gathered in front of KG Halli and DJ Halli police stations. The Muslim mobs locked the gates from outside and pelted stones at the police station. At least 10 vehicles, including Innovas of two DCPs, were damaged in front of the stations.

The mob also set fire to the vehicles in front of the DJ Halli police station.

During the pre-planned attack by the Muslim mob, the Muslim mob, carrying petrol bombs and other weapons, also barged into the nearby police quarters and attacked the premises. The Muslim mob was seen raising Islamic slogans like ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ and ‘Nara-e-Taqbeer’ outside the police station.

The Muslim mob even attacked the DCP Bheemashankar Guled, who had visited the spot to take control of the situation. The angry mob stopped him in front of the police station gate and also pelted stones at him. Even as the police personnel were escorting the DCP to a safe location, the mob attacked the car and damaged it. They also assaulted the driver of the vehicle.

The police had to resort to firing in the air in front of the KG Halli police station. Despite the firing, there was no sign of control as the mob continued with their violence protest. In the resulting firing, at least two people have died while a few others were injured severely.

It is pertinent to note that the Muslim mobs in Bengaluru has unleashed the attack on policemen in a much similar way just as their counterparts had unleashed a similar violence during Delhi Anti-Hindu Delhi riots which had led to the killing of the murder of Ratan Lal and deadly attacks on IPS officers Amit Sharma and IPS Anuj Kumar.

Muslim mob attacks journalists

The Muslim mob also attacked journalists, cameraman belonging to the Suvarna news, an influential Kannada news network. The unruly mob confronted the journalists, who were reporting live the violence on camera and forced them to stop recording.

The mob attacked media persons, who were capturing the violent incident on their phone cameras and two Suvarna News journalists have been injured. The cameras and mobiles were snatched and damaged completely.

SDPI behind violence in Bengaluru

The Bengaluru police have arrested SDPI local leader Muzammil Pasha and booked two other leaders for instigating riots in Bengaluru. The SDPI local leader Muzammil Pasha had visited the police station along with the mob to register a complaint against a person named Naveen over the alleged derogatory Facebook post.

Reportedly, the arrested SDPI leader addressed the mob outside the police station and also joined the Muslim mob which protested outside the residence of the Congress MLA. The SDPI leader, along with two other SDPI leaders, Jaffar and Khaleel Pasha is said to have instigated the Muslim mob to pelt stones and torch vehicles near the police station.

Bengaluru riots:

On Tuesday, a Muslim mob went on a rampage and unleashed brutal violence and arson in Bengaluru on Tuesday evening over a Facebook post that was allegedly derogatory to Prophet Mohammad. The Muslim mob hit the streets near DJ Halli and KG Halli police station areas on Tuesday evening and attacked a Congress MLA’s house after one of his relatives had allegedly made a derogatory Facebook post.

Over 100 people had gathered around the residence of Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasamurthy. The mob was seen barging into the premises and attacking the house, breaking windows and torching vehicles. The Muslim mob, armed with sticks, iron rods, sharp metal objects and other weapons, also attacked the local police station and burnt the vehicles, injuring more than 60 police officers.

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