Why attacks on Hindus, Hinduism & Hindustan increased recently?

Hindus are the oldest-unbroken-living civilization. In those prehistoric days, in the east, Sanatana Dharma evolved on a spiritual path of Vedic culture.

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Brainwashed largely in the name of ‘tolerance’ , ‘equality’ and ‘humanity’ THEY shoved ‘secularism’ down the Hindus’ throats for generations, while every aspect of Hindu lives was being infiltrated by Marxists and Communists ideologies, simultaneously being the subject of massive humiliation, persecution, slaughter, shaming, displacement, forced conversion and systematic genocide for eons. Even though this age-old process has been ongoing for a long time, and Hindus have quietly accepted such pathetic living conditions, why did the ATTACKS and CONSPIRACIES AGAINST Hindus, Hinduism & Hindustan (India & Bharat) increase 100 fold in the last few months? 

As a concerned American citizen and a concerned Hindu, I find it enormously upsetting to witness the deep appeasement, vote banks, astounding control by radical extremist antinational groups abusing equality and humanity. Especially, note the role of the Democrat Party’s alignment with communists and Islamists. Today, this Democrat party is essentially the combination of left front, liberal, Labour, communist, Marxist, green party version of UK, Canada, Germany, India and so on. No amount of logic and facts are influencing their decisions. Is it fundamentally about money, power, and control? If you are a Hindu anywhere in this world, this must rattle you. This must rattle you. This must inflame you. This particular question becomes even more crucial to address. I have asked this question before, Why don’t Hindus stand up against anti-Hindu and anti-India agenda?  American Democrat party of Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Pramila Jayapal to Seattle and St Paul City council of Democrats, and USCIRF/ UNHRC are spewing identical language. Everything is connected.

You don’t see Hindu terrorists blowing up aeroplanes or buildings or churches, in reality…DO YOU? You don’t see Hindus go around rioting or destroying neighborhoods. No, we don’t have that reputation. No Hindu ever went to any country to conquer that foreign land, impose superiority of Hinduism on others…nor killed anyone in the name of religion. After observing events over the last 6 months, it is clear that none of the incidents are isolated.  An international conspiracy of pushing narratives on painting Hindus as terrorists, Hinduism as evil, and defaming and sidelining India (Hindustan/Bharat) seems to be the goal. Why?  We will explore some of the areas of attacks.

Regardless of where a Hindu chose to live in the globe, Hindus cannot be separated from India, its spirituality, and culture. A far advanced Indic or Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) reminds all of us that Hinduism is far greater than a religion…it’s limitless, restriction-less, free, boundless, spiritualistic, and divine. Dharma, karma, and eternal cosmic laws are fundamental to Hindu ways of life. It’s vast and deep, YET simple enough to help our soul’s growth beyond earthly dimensions. Hinduism is a combination of beliefs, religion, faith, culture, heritage, history, traditions, and rituals. 

But before you can grasp what is happening currently, it is important to understand the history and the past of Hindus.

5000 years old Mahenjodaro-Harappa Indus Valley Civilization
5000 years old Mahenjodaro-Harappa Indus Valley Civilization

So, Who Are The Hindus?

Hindus are the people who were part of the prehistoric era IVC by the Sindhu river. Superior civil engineering, architecture, and constructions and advanced urban planning of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa of IVC date back to 3500 BCE. Hindus then expanded to the Bharatvarsha region encompassing modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Nepal. This society is the oldest yet advanced with superior planned cities, techniques, ideas, architecture, inventions, and discoveries. For instance, the number zeronumbering system (decimal mark), Fibonacci numbersalgebratrigonometrycalculus originated in India. Metallurgy, metal manufacturingboard games (Chess, Snake & ladders), ButtonsCotton and Jute cultivation were India’s contribution to the world. Ayurveda, holistic healing with herbal medicines and prevention therapy date back to the Vedic period (5000 BCE). Acharya Chakra (300 BCE) is known as the father of ayurveda medicine of India. Cataract and plastic surgery conducted by physician and surgeon Sushruta. Where would we be without rulers? How about shampooYoga and meditation have spread across the globe, yet, India often is discredited for its inventions. The incredible contribution of Hindus to the world is often masked by the western intellectuals. Why are Hindus being shamed in their own land?

What is Hinduism? 

I have established that Hindus are the oldest-unbroken-living civilization. In those prehistoric days, in the east, Sanatana Dharma evolved on a spiritual path of Vedic culture. Set of practices influenced by multiple scriptures written by sages and rishis, such as Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Geeta, have guided Hindu’s lives of spirituality. From devotional rituals and customs to the belief of Karma, cycle of birth and rebirth, concept of reincarnation, immortal soul, a soul’s journey on earth, and practices of idol-worshipping connecting the physical world with the divine and spiritual dimension evolved. There was no one specific book that Hindus follow, but our holy book is known as GEETA (by the way, widely translated and read). Over the period these practices were called Hinduism. Regardless, the fundamental aspect of Sanatana Dharma in Hinduism remains unchanged. In great contrast, western Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are at an odds with eastern ideology of Hinduism that strongly reject our eastern way of life, dismiss our beliefs and have increased missionary activities under various umbrellas emulating and mirroring some of the cultures of Hindu religion while implementing their core beliefs, in India. Monumental power clash of the race of establishing a one-world order by enforcing one theocratic supremacist religion, rejecting every other belief is an ongoing struggle in India. And you might want to ask, why is Hinduism being criticized in its own land?

What is India (Hindustan / Bharat)?

Birthplace of the religion ‘Hinduism’, i.e., (Hindutva in Sanksrit) India is more than the land of wealth, knowledge, history, scriptures and spirituality. Modern-day India brings prehistoric-era significance along with significant technological capabilities. India (Bharat) was known as the land of the golden bird (Sone ki Chidiya) in 322 BC during Emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya. Education was always part of Indian society. India was by far the biggest economy at the dawn of AD. Yes, you heard that right, see below.

The economic history of the world: From the year 1 AD showing the major power share of world GDP, from a research letter written by Michael Cembalest, chairman of market and investment strategy at JP Morgan
The economic history of the world: From the year 1 AD showing the major power share of world GDP, from a research letter written by Michael Cembalest, chairman of market and investment strategy at JP Morgan
Heart-wrenching image of Mosque built on Hindu holy place of Kashi Viswanath Temple
Heart-wrenching image of Mosque built on Hindu holy place of Kashi Viswanath Temple

Over a couple of thousands of years, foreign invaders looted India, tortured Hindus, imposed their religion on indigenous Hindus, and forcibly converted them into Abrahamic religions. Missionary mass-conversion activities continue even to this day. Hinduism survived, even after facing genocide and ethnic cleansing efforts. However, the fundamental beliefs and characteristics of a Hindu such as tolerance, kindness, acceptance remained standard. Unfortunately, for the Abrahamic religions, though, Hindus are worthless, infidels, and non-believers, and they are determined to finish Hinduism from the face of the earth. India (entire Bharatvarsha) is a holy land for Hindus. A picture above shows how Islamic invasion caused incalculable destruction of Hindu holy places and mosques built on temples throughout the Indian history. Atrocities on Hindus were monstrous and it continues till today. Hindus are NOT safe in the Hindu Majority Country Hindustan (India). Hindus are NOT safe in the Muslim countries in the Arabia, NOR in the Christian countries in the west. Fast forward to 1947, during India and Pakistan partition, both leaders of newly divided countries agreed that both countries will have secular nature, and will be open to having all religions. Sadly, India kept their end of the bargain, whereas Pakistan did not, instead Islamized the entire area. Also, invaded the Indian territory of J&K. Today, Hindus are NOT safe anywhere in the world. Then, why didn’t Hindus declare India as the official Hindu country, after all it is a Hindu land, isn’t it?

Attack on India Explained: 

Now that we briefly looked at the history and present of India, I will establish a profound propaganda against Hindus, Hinduism, and Hindustan (India) next. To better understand the entire game, I have categorized these factors into 4 key strategically orchestrated and systematic areas of Attacks. At the end of this article, you shall see the direct impact of this on India’s growth and development.

4 Key Areas of Attack on Hinduism, Hindus, and India
4 Key Areas of Attack on Hinduism, Hindus, and India


Shaping, pushing, promoting, and propagating certain favorable narratives, while simultaneously silencing, neglecting, ignoring, suppressing, omitting, and twisting certain other unfavorable portrayals of stories (as it fit their best interest) by the international powerhouse media companies is a critical factor. You cannot overlook the influence of social media, in the age of information overload. Dominating global social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc., have become key vehicles of what we are told and showed, while they falsely fact-check and suppress that do not align with their motives. A massively disturbing trend has emerged around how selective narratives that fit communists, liberal, and globalists political agenda are chosen, and a greater push around rejecting conservative viewpoints and disregarding the truth in many cases. Weren’t journalists supposed to be unbiased, display of information available without manipulating and inserting their version in it, and letting the people decide the truth? Did that change over time? Meanwhile, we increasingly see politically-biased deep-pocketed people (not journalists) infiltrating this industry.

Glaring hypocrisy of narratives - an Islamic terrorist vs a Hindu monk
Glaring hypocrisy of narratives – an Islamic terrorist vs a Hindu monk

Let’s look at a dazzling example. This height of Hypocrisy must not be overlooked. A brand-new narrative – Paint the violent Islamic terrorists as humanely as possible, as scholar, but malign a Hindu monk as a militant. Furthermore, western-leftist-globalist media seem to have amped up their game of tarnishing India, especially, since the 2014 election when rightwing conservative Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured first term. When BJP secured the second term in 2019 though, intensity of these attacks have increased 100 folds. After 370 and article 35(a) abrogation in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, we have witnessed Muslim melt-down, internationally. Post Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) law passed, several protests and colossal riots broke out throughout the nation. These were well-coordinated and orchestrated strike supported by multi-tentacled executionery arms of well-funded international channels. This is not a one-off instance. Recently, liberal media certainly was heartbroken over the death of a terrorist head of Hizbul Mujahideen in the LOC (POK) by the Indian Army, distressingly portrayed him as an accomplished math teacher. Imagine having a headline after 911 that looked like, ‘Engineer, respected and successful immigrant Bin Laden feels threatened‘ perhaps?

Islamic Hizbul terrorist glorified as a poor simple math teacher
Islamic Hizbul terrorist glorified as a poor simple math teacher

When a Muslim man rapes a child, media keeps quite or headline shows ‘a man‘ without religion, but if by chance it is a Hindu, the headline would boldly show the religion with the name. When Pakistan continues with its atrocious acts on minorities, media is often mute. On the other hand, the spinning of any favorable news of India, Hindus, and Hinduism is glaring. A clear goal of twisting narratives to favor Islamic terrorists. Why such lopsided standards and selective messaging?

Recently 18,000 social media accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter linked to Pakistan to create foment and unrest on J&K were identified. Their primary focus is to spread lies through different social media channels, maligning Hindus and Hindu traditions, establishing ‘far broader Islamic indoctrination’ with favorite victim and sympathy card – a comprehensive control of shaping completely new narratives. An enormous allegation of ‘islamophobia’ was enforced on anyone who had dared to post any praise-worthy statement on India, and Hindus, or even criticized Islam. Predominantly many Hindus in the Gulf countries were sacked from their Jobs because of their support for CAA in social media. A video was seen where fugitive Islamic preacher Zakir Naik (hiding in Malaysia) advising how the gulf countries should make a databank of non-Muslims who criticizes Islam, and how these people must be arrested immediately when they step into one of these countries. Social intimidation, silencing, suppressing, threatening schemes are alarmingly used to push a specific narrative. The fact that major disinformation against the Hindus were organized within the land of India, tells you exactly how deep this particular operation is. Terribly concerning. Using fake names, fake profiles, and even using Hindu names are some of the preferred tactics of targeting Hindus. Females are frequently harassed sexually online using filthy language, perhaps one of the trick for shaming.


We have been witnessing how that educational institutions in India and western countries  from kindergarten to middle schoolers to universities filled with liberal leftists ideologies. Eradicating the longest living prehistoric culture, erasing its unmatchable glory, eliminating any connections to its culture, disconnecting citizens from its brilliant history, discrediting its contribution to the society had been the ultimate goal. Today we learn about India and our culture from the books written by foreigners. No one reads our real scriptures. Left-liberals, Marxists and communists want to remove references of God and Hinduism from the books. For instance, a 6th-grade textbook in West Bengal (India) teaches that Lord Ram was an invader and that the word ‘roaming’ comes from the word ‘Rama’.

6-grade text-book in West-Bengal India teaches Lord Rama was an invader
6-grade text-book in West-Bengal India teaches Lord Rama was an invader

Breaking India Force: Unfortunately, leftists communists forces (Break India Agenda) are explicitly working on not only to weaken India but whitewash the cruelty of radical agenda of Ghazwa-E-Hind. Raising of slogans such as bharat tere tukde honge – InshaAllah InshaAllah‘, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, ‘Hum lekar rehenge azaadi, Jinnah Wali Azadi  from the soil of India that ‘India, you will be broken’, and ‘victory to Pakistan’ and ‘We will snatch freedom, freedom like Jinnah’ is serious matter. Students taught in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), and Jamia Millia Islamia (within India) interestingly have been promoting anti-National narratives. Note that, this is after the Muslim League has pushed for the Islamic State of Pakistan creation. “….ham kya chahte, azaadi. Ham kya chahte, azaadi. Afzal tere khoon se, inqelaab ayega. Afzal tere khoon se, inqelaab ayega. Afzal ham sharminda hai, tere kaatil zinda. Afzal ham sharminda hai, tere kaatil zinda hai,” the protestors could be heard as chanting. How dare they raise such slogans praising a terror state or wishing that India will be divided, and that too within India?

Arts, Movies, and Music: In India, Bollywood sells. The songs, the dance, the hip movement, the commercials in between, and the glamorized movie-stars sell. And unfortunately, they are leftist liberals like the ones in Hollywood and spewing the similar kind of narratives, humiliating Hindus. In fact, from the story to the characters, they are subconsciously affecting the future narratives and simultaneously injecting poison into young minds. Movies regularly depicting a Hindu sadhu (monk) in saffron as a terrorist, Hindu police as a corrupt, etc., or comedians ridiculing Hindus are sure shot ways to implement utterly dangerous stories in the subconscious mind about Hindus and Hinduism, while funds are flowing from the middle east and western countries. Bollywood stars are routinely seen taking pro-Islamic stand.


Religion shaming for Idol-worshiping is one of the key areas Hinduism is ridiculed. The concept of idol worshiping is ancient, long before the Abrahamic religion of Judaism came along (in the middle-east) that prohibited any form of idolatry, which continued with Christianity and Islam. A direct contrast with what Hindus in the east have practiced for thousands of years. However, why target Hinduism? Hindus are natives, why impose foreign beliefs on the indigenous people of India? 

Why are the Hindu temples under government control, collecting taxes of the revenue from the poor Hindus, when the Muslim Mosques or Christian Churches are tax-exempt? Why are temple lands getting sold? Why is the tax collected from the temples used to subsidize 70% expenses of hajj for Muslims? 

Human rights and Equality: Disturbingly, these are the two most abused phrases these days. Recently, several propaganda arms have popped up humiliating India in an incredibly organized manner. None of these cases are isolated, everything seems to be interconnected. Maligning Hinduism by notoriously abusing and misrepresenting Caste System. In reality, Hindu scriptures NEVER had any written evidence of occupation by birth. Rather, Geeta explains 4 VARNA (occupation) system based on 3 GUNA (qualities). Varnas are occupation (Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra) based on predominant qualities. No one becomes Brahman (Teachers, Preachers, Thinkers), Kshatriya (Warriors, Fighters), Vaishya (Management, Business, Traders), or Shudra (Service providers) by birth but by qualities and deeds. Many theories exist about how caste system developed in India…but one important fact CANNOT be neglected – the English word “Caste” came from “CASTA“, an Iberian word (existing in Spanish, Portuguese, and other Iberian languages since the Middle Ages), meaning ” lineage “, ” breed ” or ” race “. It is derived from the older Latin word CASTUS, “chaste”, implying that the lineage has been kept pure. Casta gave rise to the English word caste during the Early Modern Period. ‘Varna‘ was confused with ‘Caste’ and the societal norm was starting to change. However, cunning British traders (who came to conquer India) abused it and further deepened the societal divisions, to gain an advantage of propagating their evil agenda. With ‘Divide and rule’ strategy British kept dividing the Indian region on language; and ultimately based on religion, weakening India further, breaking its economic strength and stature. By the time the British left India, India was left like a bleeding, raped woman on her death bed just waiting to die. And, sadly, Pakistan is incapable of living without maliciously poking India. Western countries primarily learned about India through non-Indian foreign writers, who painted a deliberate and derogatory picture of India, shamelessly vilifying India’s culture, and ridiculing Hindu traditions. Fast forward to modern days, Hindus still horrifically get mocked on a global scale.

Why wearing saffron robes of Hindu monks but carrying a Cross?
Why wearing saffron robes of Hindu monks but carrying a Cross?

Proselytism: A major setback to India was caused by persecution, mass conversion by the supremacist religions through aggressive proselytism and religious conversion. The economically weaker section of the society is particularly the problem area. The abduction of young teenage girls in the Hindu minority area of some Muslim country has been a terrifying problem for the Hindus. Starving first, and then rewarding with money, land, positions if Hindus would convert is one of the strategy to wipe out Hindus. 21 Hindu houses with children inside were set on fire and burnt down in Sindh, Pakistan.

Women’s rights: Another fashionable phrase cleverly used to create social unrest, these days. The recent conflict between women’s rights and beliefs (rituals, customs, and age-old traditions) of Sabarimala temple issue in Kerala supreme court lifted the ban of women entry of 10 to 50, literally abusing the ‘spiritual energy field’ of Brahmachari avatar of Lord Ayyappa, colluding and equating this practices with impurity of menstruation. There are other Ayappa temples where devotees can visit without any restriction on age or gender. Don’t Hindu faith, belief, tradition, and customs matter?

Carrying a large cross but wearing Hindu monks attire. WHY?
Carrying a large cross but wearing Hindu monks attire. WHY?

So, apparently Rehana Fathima, a Muslim and a leftist-liberal-Marxist-communist-Islamist, who suddenly became a devotee of Hindu deity Ayapaa (Karthik), ironically wanted to visit the sacred temple during her menstruation period! Bindu Ammini, a communist Dalit woman, broke into the temple, in protest of gender-equality, disregarding the age-old beliefs and traditions of that particular temple. India is fundamentally a spiritual land and holy land for Hindus. Why are the Islamists trying so hard to disturb our customs?  Why is media complacent? Why the enforcement of reforms on Hindu community only without regard for the faith?  This is a conscious and calculated effort, not accident.

In the United States, Equity Labs is notoriously known for pushing deeply orchestrated anti-Hindu and anti-India propaganda demonizing Hinduism, founded by Thenmozhi Soundararajan a Dalit, apparently converted to Christianity. South Asian American Leaders of Tomorrow (SAALT) and Equity Labs pushed Anti-CAA protests riots such as Students Against Hindutva, Holi Against Hindutva, and Stand with Kashmir – these are not innocent hashtags but support violent Islamists and terrorists. Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) is listed as one of the signatories on the website of Holi Against Hindutva (cleverly hidden among the various student groups).


India is suffering from violent and ruthless Islamic terrorism for over a thousand years. Even at the time when the entire world has been engulfed with coronavirus, we witnessed how Islamist fundamentalist group Tablighi Jamaat contributed to the rise of coronavirus in India, some of them even revealing their intent of doing so under the overreaching concept of Islamic jihad. By no means It is a segregated event. We witnessed the same community was involved in spreading coronavirus cases in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan. Not very surprisingly, it is found that some of the foreigner Tablighis committed visa fraud to enter India. Despite the coronavirus crisis, Pakistan kept on pushing terrorists through the Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir, particularly using terrorists infected with coronavirus. Many brave souls lost lives defending India’s border. Apparently, Pakistan is preparing to attack India through the sea route intel agency found. Rich and deep lobbying of Pakistan has been relentlessly shaming the Modi government. Moreover, it is found that Pakistan is running anti-India social-media agenda to hurt India. Meanwhile, media reports that twitter suspends fake accounts used by Pakistani ISI to spread false news on India.

Sharia Law: Enforcing Azhaan (Muslims call to prayer – that says there is no God but Allah and submission to Allah is the only way) through loudspeakers 5 times a day to the 1.2 billion (120 crore) Hindus when our belief is much different? Halal products, Sharia court establishment parallel to the Indian constitution (completely bypassing the country’s constitution), pushing polygamy, and burqa/hijab for the women are just a few areas that are targeting entire socio-economic class. Ghazwa-e-Hind is a prophecy of Jihad that is mentioned in some “good” hadiths of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, predicting a great battle in India between Muslims and Hindus, resulting in a conquest of the whole Indian subcontinent by Muslim warriors. A wishful and vulgar concept of victory of the Muslims of the Land of India is sold to all the Muslims of Pakistan and India. Why Muslim politician inaugurated separate sharia court in India when we have law and order for everyone? The recent supreme court decision on banning Tripple Talaaq (divorce) controversy for liberating Muslim women from suddenly being divorced by their husband was a positive change for the Muslim women’s oppression issue, and certainly a commendable change. Allahabad High Court ruled a few days ago stating that Azhaan may be essential for the Muslims, but loudspeakers are not necessary. Why must the 1.2B Hindus hear their loud prayers forcibly? Why the imposition?


Modi government ensured the Islamic practice of Triple Talaaq (where a Muslim man can divorce his wife just by uttering ‘talaaq‘ three times) is abolished. A 490-year religious issue of Ram-Mandir verdict (Lord Ram Temple) got a proper justice that was destroyed by ruthless Mughal thugs under Babur and a Babri-masjid (Mosque of Babur) was built. Temporary article 370 and 35(a) in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) abrogated to integrate J&K into India ending a 70-year old conflict. Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) law was passed to expedite citizenship of India to the 31,313 religiously persecuted refugees who fled from neighboring Islamic countries Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This is specific to some minorities in those countries – Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, and Parsis. NOT A SINGLE MUSLIM CAME TO INDIA SEEKING REFUGE due to religious persecution from the Muslim countries. So, why Muslims around the World protesting about Indian Muslims being impacted by CAA? Why Muslims spreading misinformation against India and Hindus?  Why the riots?  Citi councils around the United States have started passing a Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) sponsored resolution against India. United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the United States Commission on International Religious Relief (USCIRF) placed derogatory statements on India.

Now, let’s recap.

We looked at how Bharatvarsha (India/Hindustan) is a holy land of Hindus, and Hindus are inseparable from the Hinduland of India. Therefore, Hindus and Hinduism are connected to the oldest living prehistoric civilization and the holy land of India. In addition, we saw that Hinduland of India was indeed a wealthy land and its contribution to the world is monumental. Furthermore, I have established the connection to 4 key areas of strategic attacks on India.

So the question arises, why such PROPAGANDA against Hindus, Hinduism, India were fired up from all angles (all of a sudden)? And particularly the last 6 months?  Why are they defaming India, in the name of humanity and equality charade?

A short answer to that is: to destabilize India, to weaken India’s economy, and to cripple India from becoming a global leader as it was before. Essentially, to paralyze India. Disrupt and ruin India, so that international businesses stay away from investing in the Indian market? Slandering certainly works to ensure India is isolated and cornered economically, socially, and politically. Just a few days ago China and Nepal started a head-to-head altercation relating to India’s border. Muslims of India and Pakistan pursue the vile and vulgar dream of Ghazwa-E-Hind, lusting to be under Islamic rule AGAIN.

One thing is clear, lopsided secularism is NOT working for Hindus anymore when Hindus are constantly getting the short end of the stick. Political correctness has destroyed India’s peace. Why should Hindus tolerate these blatant lies, deception, constant criticism and one-sided biased narratives?

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