Delhi Riots: Head constable Ratan Lal’s murder was a part of a wider conspiracy to trigger communal riots: Delhi Police

Constable Ratan Lal was murdered on February 24 when he was shot at by rioters while patrolling along with his seniors

Head Constable Ratan Lal
Slain head constable Ratan Lal(Source: Zee News)

Delhi Police on Monday filed a charge sheet in connection will the killing of head constable Ratan Lal during the violence that swept northeast Delhi in February this year. The police, in its charge-sheet, had stated that the murder of Ratan Lal was a part of a deeper conspiracy to gin up communal riots across the national capital.

The Special Investigation Team of Delhi Police has filed a 1,100-page charge-sheet in the murder of Ratan Lal and deadly attacks by rioters on IPS Amit Sharma and IPS Anuj Kumar. At least 17 accused have been named in the charge-sheet. There are about 4 to 5 key conspirators in this whole case, which includes Salim Khan, Salim Munna and Shadab. The police stated that the riots were engineered in Delhi through a conspiracy to malign the image of the country.

Ratan Lal’s murder was a deeper conspiracy

Constable Ratan Lal was murdered on February 24 when he was shot at by rioters while patrolling along with his seniors. The police had alleged in the charge-sheet that a group of 45 people held a meeting at the basement of a house on February 22, where the conspiracy of the riot was conceived. On February 23, a after the conspiracy was hatched, rioters asked senior citizens and children to stay indoor as they ran riot on the streets, indulging in vandalism.

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A day later, on February 24, rioters and vandals again hit the streets, damaging public properties, setting vehicles on fire and causing bloodshed. Around 1 PM in Chand Bagh area, patrolling party in Chand Bagh was vastly outnumbered by a huge crowd of rioters. Senior police officials tried to placate the riotous mob but the crowd turned violent and attacked police. Head constable Ratan Lal was shot dead by the rioters. Amit Sharma, Anuj Kumar and several policemen received serious injuries, the charge-sheet said.

While police head constable Ratan Lal died of bullet injuries in Chand Bagh region, IB sleuth Ankit Sharma(26) was brutally stabbed by a violent mob sheltered inside AAP councillor Tahir Hussain’s house. Sharma’s body was recovered from a ditch in the Chand Bagh area.

Viral video of killing of Constable Ratan Lal

A video has surfaced in March where a violent mob of rioters can be seen attacking the Delhi Police officers with stones and sticks. It is believed this is the attack which injured DCP Shahdara IPS Amit Sharma and claimed life of constable Ratan Lal.

The video is believed to be of 24th February from Chand Bagh area. One can at first see the mob running away from the spot as police started taking action. However, soon a mob from the other side started attacking the police. The mob had individuals wearing black burqas who could be seen pelting stones at the police. One could safely presume the women were also attacking the Delhi Police with stones. If you listen closely, you could also hear gunshots in the background.

Anti-CAA protests propelled the Delhi riots: Delhi Police

Delhi Police had mentioned that the Delhi riots were triggered by the anti-CAA protests across the national capital, especially in Chand bagh area. According to a source, rioters who attacked police head constable Ratan Lal and other senior officers were in huge number and women were part of the crowd that assaulted the law enforcement personnel.

“The sit-in vigil was used as a platform to incite riots. The ensuing violence snowballed into fierce rioting in several parts of north-east Delhi. In Ratan Lal case it has been found that there was a deep-rooted conspiracy to trigger communal riots. A web of conspirators, instigators and rioters have been identified and several arrested,” added Delhi Police in a statement issued on Monday.

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