BSF Jawan’s House Burned Down. Rioters Shouted ‘Come her Pakistani, Get your Citizenship’ : Delhi Riots

BSF jawan’s house was burnt in Delhi Riots
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Delhi Riots: A shocking incident coming from Delhi tells that an army man’s house was burned down by rioters who were shouting ‘Come Here Pakistani, Get Your Citizenship’. The house burnt in Khajuri Khas, Delhi was of Mohmmad Anees, who is a Border Security Force (BSF) jawan that served in J&K for 3 years.

BSF jawan’s house was burnt  

Amongst the 30+ houses torched by rioters on two lanes of Khajuri Khas in northeast Delhi was a house that belonged to a soldier serving in the BSF named Mohmmad Anees.

The uncontrollable mob threw a gas cylinder into the house and set it on fire. Fortunately, Anees, his father Mohammad Musi, uncle Mohammad Ahmed and a cousin, Neha Parveen, who was trapped inside were able to escape with the help of the paramilitary force.


BSF Jawan’s House Burned Down
Image: Thewire

The mob was vandalizing houses one by one and burning down each house in Khas Khajuri Gali on the afternoon of February 25. Jawan’s family, who were inside the house had hoped and prayed that the nameplate outside their house would give the rioters a break.

The nameplate read house number 76 belonged to Mohammad Anees of the BSF and also displayed its insignia. However, it was not enough to save them from the violence that was to come.

The loss of property and savings 

At first, the cars standing outside the house were targeted and set on fire. After that, the mob started pelting stones at the house.

Slogans like “idhar aa Pakistani, tujhe naagarikta dete hai (Come here Pakistani, we’ll give you citizenship)” were shouted as they vandalized the house.

According to the reports, Anees had spent three years in Jammu and Kashmir guarding the border after joining the BSF in 2013.

Delhi Riots House Burnt Down
Image: thewire

In this horrible incident, Anees’ family has lost all their savings, including Rs 3 lakh in cash and gold jewelry.

Jawan’s cousin Neha was to get married in April and Anees himself was to take wedding vows in the coming month. But unfortunately, they have a rough time-fighting.

“All the things we collected all our life, jewelry – two gold necklaces, silver jewelry, it is all gone,” the family told to News18.

It is said that Khajuri Khas is a dominant Hindu area but the family said outsiders were involved in the attack while their Hindu neighbors had asked them to leave the area and even helped them douse cars on fire. Their Hindu neighbors were even asking the rioters to leave.

Source: Megasaga

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