Shameful: Muslim CAA protestors put drill machine in head of 19yr old boy

protestors put drill machine in head: Delhi Riots
Image: Twitter

Delhi Riots: Humans can’t get any worse than this! A violent mob put a drill machine into the head of a 19-year-old boy during the violence in Delhi.

Amid outrage over CAA, a 19-year-old boy identified as Vivek was attacked by an angry mob opposing the new citizenship law during the violence that broke out between pro and anti-CAA protesters in north-east Delhi.

According to the CNN-News18’s Payal Mehta, a surgery was performed to remove a drill machine that was bored into the skull of the 19-year-old. It is said that the violent mob pushed a drill machine into Vivek’s head.

Vivek somehow managed to escape from the violent site and rushed to the hospital where he caught everyone’s attention. The doctor came to know that the victim had an iron object in his head. He was immediately referred to the hospital’s neurological department. Later, he was sent to another hospital for a CT scan. All the tests were performed to detect the object which was in his skull.

Reportedly, the doctors stated that man’s surgery was done last night and said, “Only time will tell the extent to which he has been able to recover.” The incident was reported amid ongoing violence in various parts of Delhi.

According to Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital, the drill machine was successfully removed from his head with the help of surgery. Now, he is currently recovering.

The incident took place during the violence in north-east Delhi in which over 32 people have reportedly been killed and several others injured. The violence erupted when Delhi police stopped anti-CAA protesters from blocking roads. It all started when anti-CAA protesters, mostly women, reached Jaffrabad metro station in northeast Delhi on Saturday night to form another Shaheen Bagh which has been in the news for over two months, in protest against the new citizenship law and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), blocking a major road.

They raised slogans of ‘aazadi’ and said they would not go back from the site until the government takes back the Citizenship Amendment Act. Later, pro-CAA protesters reached the spot demanding the road to be evacuated. When the police stopped anti-CAA protesters from blocking the road, they started pelting stones on policemen. Soon a clash took place between pro and anti-CAA protesters. Police were trying to pacify the protesters, but despite the heavy deployment of forces in the area, Police could not do anything as protesters were large in number.

As the police were unable to get the situation under control, NSA Ajit Doval was given the responsibility to bring the situation under control. Now, Security personnel have been deployed in several areas of North-East Delhi in the wake of incidents of violence and arson in the past three days.

In yet another horrific incident, another Hindu activist identified as Vinod was killed by the Muslim mob in the city during the anti-CAA riots. A video went viral in which anti-CAA protesters could be seen dragging the body of a Hindu activist to the far end of a street in Brahmapuri, raising slogans of “Nara e Taqbeer, Allahu Akbar”. A bike parked nearby could also be seen in the video being torched by the anti-CAA rioters.

Taking the violent situation into consideration, a curfew was imposed in affected areas in northeast Delhi and shoot orders have also been issued. However, the death toll in Delhi violence reportedly rose to at least 34 including an officer of the Intelligence Bureau named Ankit Sharma and Delhi Police officer Ratan Lal.

Source: Theyouth