Shame: Muslims Thrown Acids At Paramilitary Forces In Delhi

Acids Were Thrown At Paramilitary Forces In Delhi
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According to the sources, acid has been thrown at the paramilitary forces from the top of the houses in Karawal Nagar in Delhi. As tension grows and violence spreads in the North-East district over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the Delhi police have geared up to punish the offenders.

Acid attack on forces 

The incident occurred where the paramilitary forces were deployed to control the situation. Sources say that acid was thrown at the security forces from the top of the houses in Karawal Nagar in Delhi.

The Police informed that 11 FIRs have been filed in connection with the violence, in which 11 people were killed, among them was Delhi Police head constable Ratan Lal.

Acids Were Thrown At Paramilitary Forces
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Because of the continuous violence in various parts of the city, a shoot-at-sight order has been issued in the affected areas of Delhi. Streets were scattered with damage remains of vehicles, bricks, stones, and burnt tires. The violence has left 180 people injured, including 48 police personnel.

Delhi Riots over CAA
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For now, the security force is responding to incidents involving anti-social elements. A high alert has been sounded in Lucknow as well.

The Blame game 

In the middle of the madness, the state government has decided to play the blame game. It remarks that there was not enough security force to handle the situation.

“The police personnel could not do anything because they were not getting clear orders from their seniors,’’ regretted CM Arvind Kejriwal before his meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah.

Amit Shah called for a Meeting in Delhi
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The Union Home Minister Amit Shah called out an all-party meeting on Tuesday on the common law and order situation between evident fear that the communal poison may spread to other parts of the Capital.

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