How to post an hour long video on Instagram

Unable to post a lengthy video on your Instagram account? Here's a simple trick that will let you share an hour-long video instantly to your feed.

How to post an hour long video on your IG account
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Meta-owned social media services Instagram, WhatsApp keep improving their platforms with new features and fixes. While some of these features enhance user experience, others tend to baffle the functionality. 

For instance, Instagram encourages its users to share their creativity on the platform in the form of videos, photographs. But what if the creativity extends beyond an hour? What if mere 60 seconds is just not enough to deliver the message to the audience? The platform is not doubted well-optimized for mobile devices, and it is taken to be one of the favourite one-stop daises among Gen-Z. But there are caveats that no doubt have a workaround but a user needs to cross the Thames to get the job done. Unwrapping the mysterious veil, we are talking about sharing lengthy videos on the social app. Back-fence talk suggests the platform increase the maximum length of videos on Stories to 60 seconds. We respect the cloning part, but what about sharing it as on feed? There are tricks to do that, but as we said, you will have to go an extra mile for that? Ready to take the leap? Then here’s what you need to do. Also Read: 9 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate in 2022

Tricks to post an hour-long video on Instagram

Instagram introduced IGTV in 2018 and it was initially available on the native app, the icon was removed last year. Dusting off the past, the Instagram TV is now available as a standalone app on major app stores. 

-To post a lengthy video on Instagram, open your IG account on your laptop/computer as the length is limited on mobile.

– Then tap on the Plus icon at the top right.

– The pop-up page will ask you to select a video from the computer

– Click on it, and then select the video you want to post from the folder where you have saved it.

– Next up, tap on the aspect ratio icon you will see below, which will allow you to select the frame.

– Once done, click the Next option at the top right corner.

-Following, you will be asked to select a cover photo from the video and trim it (in case you want to cut it short).

-Select the preferred cover photo (alternately you can pick it from your computer), and skip the trim option, after that tap the Next button.

-Write a caption, tag your friends/colleagues, add a location if you want, and then press on the Share button. Voila! your one-hour video will then reflect under IGTV.

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