Things women entrepreneurs should keep in mind before beginning their start-up story

Brindha Prabhu

So you are a woman and you do not want to take up a job, nor do you wish to embark on a lucrative career. So you want to don the hat of a businesswoman or better still you wish to become an entrepreneur? If the answer to the last one is yes, this one is for you.

It is cliché for women to play a specific role in the family and society. The same rule holds good for women in the business eco-system too. It is common for women to break gender stereotypes and the glass ceiling and be recognized as more than just successful entrepreneurs. If the best chefs in the world are men, we’d like to be a tad different when we say that the best entrepreneurs in the world are women.

The journey of being a ‘nobody’ to becoming a ‘somebody’, whom ‘everybody’ wants to be associated within the professional space, is rather remarkable for a woman. It takes grit, determination, and the guts to stand up and stand strong in the rather male-dominated atmosphere which was hitherto dedicated to men. In the backdrop of this, we’d like to bring to light a few common aspects that women entrepreneurs should keep in mind before beginning their start-up story.

  • Do not let the gender bias bog you down

You are a woman and you wish to translate your dreams into a reality. One thing you must promise yourself is that you will not let the gender bias let you down, come, what, may. If you are a part of the family involved in doing business, and if you wish to make a mark for yourself as a woman entrepreneur, stand up, stand tall and strong. Do not take the pressure from the male-dominated numbers. The same rule applies to women who wish to become entrepreneurs from families in the non-business ecosystem.

  • Learn the art to master the work-home balance

As a woman, it goes without saying that the responsibility to manage a home lies on your shoulders, which is why the women folk are termed as ‘homemakers’ or ‘home breakers’. Embrace this with passion and at the same time let your work do the talking. The women entrepreneurs of the present generation can take advantage of technology to achieve a work-life balance. You do not have to be an expert in technology, become a tech-friendly person by using the various gadgets to match your needs and you’ll be surprised how you can call the work-related shots while managing your household chores, effortlessly.

  • Learn to call a spade a spade as an entrepreneur

In the professional world, learn to put your foot down and learn to call a spade a spade. You will tend to make more enemies than friends, by being vocal about your thought and views, but do not worry. All you need to do is just stand by what you think is right for your business and most importantly, keep the determination going as one day you will succeed as a woman entrepreneur.

  • Do not lose the focus, come, what, may

The journey for a woman entrepreneur is not easy. No one has walked your shoes or traveled your road. You need to be self-motivated in the first place and at the same time if you have a team that works with you or works for you, the onus of ensuring that your team is motivated at all times, lies on your shoulders. Stay focused on the goal that you wish to achieve as a woman entrepreneur. Setting and achieving short-term entrepreneurial goals will keep you motivated and they will help you not lose sight of your focus.

As a woman entrepreneur, you may have to face and overcome many-a-challenges. Have it etched in your mind that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going? Bring out the best in you and shine as a woman entrepreneur, what stops you?

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