This young woman entrepreneur taking the world by storm


Established in 2021, THE KNOWBILITY is a Delhi-based Public Relations and Marketing Company. With a client base of  50+ in a short span of six months, the company has reached new heights, all thanks to the founder and Boss Lady, Ms. Anchal Mehta.

Anchal Mehta, a 19-year-old young entrepreneur started The Knowbility with an aim of creating and executing specialized services for her clients. Coming from a family of doctors and engineers, the young woman took the entrepreneurial plunge and started her journey from creating content on social media and working under a company as a Business Development Executive for 6 months and later as a freelancer for 3 months. 

At the young age of 18, while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from Amity University, Noida, Anchal decided to convert her passion for client satisfaction into a full-fledged business in the form of The Knowbility.

The Knowbility provides a wide range of services starting from Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Public Relations, Brand Strategy to Crisis Management, and Food Consultancy.

The organization has a deep-rooted understanding of creating unique experiences for individual brands by the help of deriving functional expertise from the internal intellectual ecosystem and bringing out promising results from their partners. They believe in providing specially curated plans for their clients, to offer good public outreach and media coverage. 

The Knowbility helps and ensures the protection, enhancement, and building of their client’s reputation in the market. Their clientele varies from sectors like healthcare, hospitality, foods and beverages to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. The client base also expands towards Bollywood celebrities and actors of the glam industry.

With more than 1000+ connections to influencers/celebrities, the company offers influencer marketing at its best.  Depending on the client’s marketing objectives, the company collaborates with influencers of that particular niche to create engaging content and promote the brand. They also provide media coverage and brand promotion to a wide extent.

The aim is also to take proper care of the influencers whilst providing client satisfaction.

The Knowbility provides quality media coverage at reasonable prices by publishing articles regarding the brand’s authenticity and uniqueness to amplify and extend the reach of marketing. the company also takes care of brands ratings and reviews across platforms such as Google, Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

What makes The Knowbility different from other PR agencies is that they provide services to the clients based on their budget, without imposing restrictions on the client’s needs.

The Knowbility is an alliance of foodies which makes the company a specialist in food consultancy. The Knowbility also offers support for managing any disruptive situation that might tarnish the reputation of the client’s business, that is, the company helps in curating a crisis management plan to tackle any unexpected situation and identify potential threats, without comprising the brand’s reputation and safety.

Anchal is successfully running her startup with a team of young enthusiasts. The Knowbility is outfitted with the best of individuals trained to perfection for handling clients and ensuring a satisfactory experience. The team of 10 is of skilled individuals who are experts in their respective fields. The company has Social Media specialists and PR strategists to curate specialized campaigns and content to provide continued success concerning their goals. Graphic Designers also play a major role in converting client’s ideas and thoughts into attractive and eye-catching graphics of various kinds which are used across different online platforms including social media and websites, etc. Content writers, event managers, and business development executives are also an important part of the team. The team is well versed in handling tasks and works hard towards delivering the best results and providing top-notch services.

 The company provides a suitable and favorable platform tailored according to the client’s needs with the help of research-based solutions and PR strategies. It helps its clients to upskill their marketing plan and grow digitally which is much needed to survive in the business area.

 Social media has become a crucial part of any business marketing strategy. The Knowbility helps clients to connect with their potential customers, increase awareness about their brand, and boost sales. By providing effective marketing strategies it promotes its client’s agenda as well.

The Knowbility also hosts and organizes events specific to the needs of the client. The events vary from influencer meetups to brand launch parties, etc.

The inspiring story of Anchal Mehta is not just to make us feel proud but also to encourage every youngster to think out of the box and realize their potential. Do not let age be a barrier to the fulfillment of your dreams. Anything is possible if you decide to put all your willpower into making the most of every situation.

Young women like Anchal Mehta have set an example for all the youngsters by constantly proving their worth to society and managing businesses with full enthusiasm and efficiency.

We are sure that this inspiring story of the boss lady herself would have made you think of how you can write your own story.

Remember all your dreams can come true if you have the courage and dedication to pursue them.

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