What is the name of Donald Trump’s new platform

Us President Donald Trump
Image: Reuters

Donald Trump has launched a new ‘communications‘ website, which aims to publish content ‘straight from the desk’ of the former US president, reports BBC

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook locked outgoing President Donald Trump’s accounts after violence erupted at the Capitol in January. YouTube removed US President’s video in which he said he loved his supporters and claimed that the election was stolen from him.

Social media platforms took unprecedented action on President Trump’s accounts when it was alleged that the platforms were used as ‘tools for helping organise the riots’.

A statement released Facebook read: “We’ve assessed two policy violations against President Trump’s Page which will result in a 24-hour feature block, meaning he will lose the ability to post on the platform during that time.”

Trump has since been releasing press statements by release, which can be posted on the new website. Followers can share them on their social media accounts and express their views.

In March, Donald Trump and Melania Trump launched a website of the 45th President of the US. It was intended to keep in touch with his followers and also to request their participation in the events. Trump’s team had also announced in March that a new social media platform was to be launched.

Trump had 88 million followers had 88 million followers on Twitter when it was banned.

Facebook’s Oversight Board is considering whether Trump is to be permanently banned from the platform. The decision would announced on  May 5.

YouTube said it would reactivate Trump’s account once the threat of “real-world violence” reduces.

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