How to mute videos before sending them on WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows users to mute videos before they send them to their contacts. The feature is rolling out for Android users. It is not clear if the mute video feature will be made available for iPhone users.

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WhatsApp’s new feature that allows users to mute videos before they send them to their contacts is now rolling out for Android users. The feature has been in the works since November last year and can is now been spotted by some WhatsApp users. A mute video feature is already available on WhatsApp’s counterparts like Instagram and Facebook. The feature especially comes in handy when users are not pleased with the audio on the footage but want to share it with their contacts.

To mute a video on WhatsApp, follow the givens steps:

— Download the latest version of WhatsApp from Google PlayStore.If you already have it installed on your phone, then you may want to update it to the latest version.

— Open WhatsApp.

— Tap on the contact’s name to whom you want to send the video.

— Tap on the attachment or the paper clip icon.

— If you want to record a new video, select camera and start recording.

— If you want to send an existing video, select Gallery and then the video.

— The video you want to share will appear on your screen, and you can alter it or make edits to it from here.

— You will see a small speaker icon right beneath the video frames. All you have to do is tap on it to mute the video.

— You can press on Send once this is done.

If you don’t see the video icon even with the update, you may have not received it and might have to wait it out. It is not clear if and when the feature will be released to iOS users.

Users can also crop a video from the frames and convert it to a GIF if they reduce it to a video of six seconds or less. The steps will be the same as stated above till you see the screen with the video frames. You will see a slider on the video frames, that you can slide left or right to crop the video. Once this is done you can share it by pressing send.

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If the video is reduced to six seconds or less it can be sent in the form of a GIF. All users have to do is tap on GIF in the top right-hand corner of the video beneath the frames. You can also send it as a video by keeping selecting the video icon. WhatsApp’s setting by default is to share a video. GIFs are silent videos. If users want to share mute videos, they can share them as a GIF. However, they will have to reduce the time to 5 seconds.

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