How to message yourself on WhatsApp? Check tricks here

There are some unknown features on WhatsApp using which you can save any details and messages on WhatsApp itself without sharing them with anyone.

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Even after so many years, popular messaging app WhatsApp continues to surprise us with some of its unknown features. You may come across an important message and wish to save it. Therefore, you might require to install a third-party memo app for that data or use a scheduler app.

Surprisingly, there are some unknown features on WhatsApp using which you can save any details and messages on WhatsApp itself without sharing them with anyone. The users who know this trick have been using it for ages. Now it’s time for you to learn the same.

In this guide, we will be providing few tricks through which you could save your data on WhatsApp

Create your contact

This easiest trick requires you to create your contact using your phone number and then send a message to that contact. Only for the first time, you’ll have to use the Contact list. After that, you could easily send WhatsApp messages to yourself using the app itself.

‘Click To Chat’ feature

The application also provides the user a Click To Chat feature through which you can easily send Whatsapp messages to anyone, even if their contact is unsaved in your phone. You may use the same process to send messages to yourself. 

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Write down your 10 digits mobile number with the country code, click on the message option that pop-ups on the screen. You will now directly be on your own contact WhatsApp chat screen from which you could then easily send messages to yourself.

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