Spying on Kids and Employees Using iPhone Spy App

Spying on Kids and Employees Using iPhone Spy App

The use of digital networks has massively increased in the last few years. The kids have found their way into the digital networks as they are now required to accomplish their academic activities online in the Covid-19 pandemic breakout.

On the other side, the business activities have also greatly switched to online mode in the breakout, which drives more and more phone and internet usage by the employees.

iPhone is one of the most using smartphones brand around the globe. It has billions of users. A large number of kids and employees use this phone.

The increased use of digital networks and the internet by the kids and employees urged the parents and employers to keep a check on them.

This can only be done by using the iPhone spy app, TheOneSpy. The app also furnishes Mac, Windows, and Android facilities. It is widely used by parents and employers and is highly recommended.

Usage of monitoring app for employers

Employers can use the iPhone monitoring app for tracking the activities of their employees at the workplace. The use of excessive internet and streaming of music and videos during working hours badly affect employee performance, ultimately compromising organizational goals.

Besides this, a large number of businesses are facing cyber threats nowadays. According to a report, 4.1 billion business records were stolen out of cyber attacks in 2019.

  • Cyber threats
  • Workplace harassment issues
  • Productivity issues

The cybercriminals, after stealing business data, use this for illegitimate purpose like trend-setting, trend-identification, and advanced selling.  

The allegations of harassment by female employees over male workers are the point of concern for the employers. The incidences of this type badly affect the repute and standing of the organization as a whole.

These issues can be addressed by using TheOneSpy app.

Usage of monitoring app for parents

The parents have a number of concerns regarding the usage of the internet and digital networks by their kids.

The issues of harassment and cyber bullying are increasing day by day. A report suggests that 68% of the kids admitted in hospitals for mental health issues have faced cyber bullying in the last year.

  • Mental health issues of kids
  • Cyber bullying
  • Harassment
  • Viewing inappropriate content

A few kids, as noted, start viewing inappropriate and sexually explicit content that affects their moral and ethical standing, so for coping with this issue, parents need to track the kids’ activities using the iPhone monitoring app.

Salient features of TheOneSpy

Internal storage tracking

All the internal storage of the target phone can be tracked in real-time. The end-user can view all the images and videos stored on the phone. All the contacts, appointments, calendars can be viewed. The browsing history and other browser functions can be extensively monitored.

The battery life, app usage percentage, and each and everything remains in control of the end-user.

Incoming and outgoing phone calls tracking

The end-user can listen to all the phone calls made or received by the target user. This way, the parent gets to know about everything. If someone is trying to harass or bully the child over phone calls, the parent can take necessary action to cope with the issue.

The end-user can even block a specific contact of the phonebook if the same is causing any sort of problem to the target user.

Website blocking

This feature of the phone spy app allows the end-user to block a specific number of websites that are considered unsuitable for the target user.

The parent can block websites that contain inappropriate stuff. The employer can block the URLs that are considered to have the presence of cyber criminals.

Tracking emails and SMS

The app allows to extensively viewing all the emails and SMS over the target phone, providing a fair insight into all the whereabouts of communication of the kid or employee.  

Surround recording

TheOneSpy furnishes a surround recording feature to its users. It allows to record all the surroundings of the target user by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the phone.

This feature is of vital significance when it comes to coping with the issue of workplace sexual harassment.


The significance of using the iPhone monitoring app is discussed for parents and employers. The best service in this aspect is TheOneSpy.   

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