Why Sachin Pilot Is The Ideal Choice For BJP Not Congress ?

BJP Sachin Pilot
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By going against his own party’s government in Rajasthan and his efforts to bring mutual accommodation between Gujjar and Meena communities, Sachin Pilot has given a new twist to the Rajasthan politics that has made him an attractive ally for BJP.

With his revolt against his party leadership, he has made himself the favorite of the two assertive communities in the state of Rajasthan. Among the MLAs who have skipped the Congress Legislature Party meeting and pledged their support to Pilot, there are at least 5 from the Meena community. Not Cn

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Even he has denied any association with the Bharatiya Janata Party, the party will find him favorable as both the communities view him as their leader. Senior leaders like Ramesh Meena, the former BJP MP and current Congress MLA, and Harish Meena have pledged their support to Pilot already.

Sachin Pilot’s Grassroot Work

In 2004, after becoming a member of Parliament from Dausa, Sachin Pilot carried out a campaign that acted on the Gujjar Meena community as he held solidarity with both communities in the eastern Rajasthan region. All the rallies were in the regions of Dausa, Sawai Madhopur, Bharatpur, Jaipur rural, and Karauli where there is a dominant presence of both communities.

Even in 2018, Pilot spread the state poll campaign for the Congress party as the party swept the entire eastern region of Rajasthan as they won 42 out of 49 seats in the region. The results clearly indicated that both the communities voted in favor of the Congress party. Sachin Pilot, much like his late father Rajesh Pilot, enjoys the support of both the communities as well a strong backing from the Dalit community.

With all these factors into consideration along with this proven credibility of being an able and stable leader at both state and national level, he is clearly an ideal choice for the leadership. If the BJP decides to back him and if he agrees to join hands with them, Pilot could well be the next chief minister of Rajasthan if the Ashok Gehlot government fails to prove their majority.

Source: The Times of India

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