Founder Jitender Singh Shunty
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New Delhi: While the World faces the wrath of deadly Coronavirus, and when our entire Nation is in Lockdown mode, a sense of fear penetrating in to people so deep that refuse to come out now of their homes even for basic necessities, there are some selfless people as well who are just concerned about Humanity to prevail, above all, leaving all the fears aside and responding to their moral call of duty. World-renowned NGO, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal (SBS FOUNDATION) under the supervision of its Founder Chairman Jitender Singh Shunty, President Disaster Management Cell and MSc in Disaster Management from London, Mr. Jyotjeet Sabarwal, President Women’s Wing, Manjeet Kaur Shunty and other Volunteers, have started the ‘Langar Sewa’ for the Workers, engaged in setting up Delhi’s Largest Quarantine Facility Centre at Mandoli in East Delhi, which has capacity of around 720 Patients at a time. This service was started to take care of the Food of 350+ Workers from various departments such as PWD, DDA, MCD etc, deployed in completion of the Isolation Centre. So, currently, the NGO serves all the three meals of the day and it all comes as a part of their selfless service, which was started at the behest of District Magistrate, Shahdara, Sh. Sanjeev Kumar.

Jitender Singh Shunty, Founder of the NGO Said- “We are grateful to DM Shahdara, Sh. Sanjeev Ji, who gave us this opportunity of serving Humankind. Our NGO has always come up ahead in dire times and all the Disasters, every time, to help Humanity. These times where the Nation and perhaps entire World is fighting with the Corona Virus Pandemic, all our NGO Volunteers stand in the service of Humanity as per the requirement of the situations. I just pray to God that the World is soon relieved of this Virus and it gets back on track soon to a normal and steady life. I wish a speedy recovery to those down with Covid-19 and am confident that Government is doing best it can to prevent further spread of the Virus and improve the healthcare system to battle out this tough time. I assure all the help from our NGO and it’s all Volunteers.”

Jitender Singh Shunty

Jitender Singh Shunty

“I am grateful to the NGO Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal (SBS Foundation) and Mr. Jitender Singh Shunty for this philanthropic association effort and I would like to state that I have seen them at forefront during all the difficult situations in the society, where you can see them helping people selflessly. Here at Mandoli, as per the Government Orders, we are setting up the biggest Quarantine Facility Centre of Delhi for the Covid-19 Patients and these flats could accommodate over 700 and to be exact, 720 patients at a time. We are doing our best to setup this facility center in time.” Said Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, District Magistrate, Shahdara District.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal (SBS FOUNDATION) is a social service organization which is actively involved in many social welfare activities such as free cremation for unclaimed and poor dead bodies, free hearse van, free 24 hrs ambulance Service, free blood donation and distribution of free tricycle for handicapped., disaster management, free recreational services for senior citizens, HIV awareness, youth Sports Club, etc. This organization also has been an active member of Delhi disaster Management. During almost all the unfortunate mishaps, natural calamities & terrorist attacks in Delhi, they provided all their helping hands to the victims. The NGO also spread its help in International calamities such as Nepal quakes. The NGO has been involved in various social works to serve society and humanity. Till date, the NGO has carried app 48, 000 dead bodies for cremation & app. 50,000 patients free of any cost. The NGO has carried out app 18,000 Free of Cost Cremations for Needy and Poor. The NGO has collected and donated app. 44,000 units of blood free of any cost. The Founder President of the NGO Mr. Jitender Singh Shunty has even been awarded the Red & White Bravery award and the NGO has also won ‘Bhagidari’ awards for best NGO in Delhi, (Highest honour for an NGO) twice at the hands of Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi. The Founder Mr. Shunty has voluntarily donated blood for 100 times, himself and has registered his name in the World Book of Records, London and also received the Title of Donor Singh by Govt. of NCT of Delhi, which awarded Shunty with Centurion Award as well. The Government Of India has also awarded Shunty for his contribution as the Centurion Donor.