Drunk Man in Jharkhand Kills Mother and ‘Roasts Chicken’ on Her Funeral Pyre

Funeral Pyre
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In a horrifying incident, a 35-year-old man from Jharkhand burned his mother’s body in the courtyard and then roasted chicken on her funeral pyre.

The shocking incident took place in the State’s West Singhbhum district following a quarrel between the mother and son. Sumi Soy was fed up with her son’s, Pradhan Soy, drinking addiction. In no time, the heated exchange turned violent, where the 60-year-old mother was batted to death with a wooden stick by the inebriated man.

Sumi had asked Pradhan, a resident of Jogogutu Namveer Tola area, not come home in an intoxicated state. Soon after killing Sumi, Pradhan set her pyre in the courtyard in their house and allegedly ‘roasted a chicken’ on it, later consuming it, according to Times of India.

The following morning, Pradhan tried to burn the remains of the charred body on the stove, when his sister spotted him doing the heinous act. Immediately the neighbors were alerted, who barged into the house, tied him and informed the police.

According to the statement by Manoharpur Police Station’s officer-in-charge, Pradhan had killed is mother “in a fit of rage” after he was admonished of his addiction. However, the matter is still under “interrogation” following allegations of a ‘chicken roast’ by the neighbors.

It was further revealed that four years back, Pradhan had also murdered his 60-year-old father, Gopal Roy.

In another recent incident in Jharkhand, a drunk father had killed his one and a half year old daughter for crying in the state capital Ranchi in December.

According to Police, Gautam, 40, a resident of Mukchundtoli locality in the Chutia police station area of Ranchi, became angry when the child would not stop crying. He threw his daughter on the ground and when she still went on crying he strangulated her.

The mother of the baby started wailing after the incident and people gathered and caught Gautam. He was thrashed by the crowd and handed over to the police.

According to police, Gautam was a habitual drinker. He was admitted to a Nasha Mukti Kendra but did not give up drinking.

The child’s body has been sent for post-mortem and Gautam has been taken into custody.

“My husband loved both our children. I cannot explain the reason why he took such a step” said Babita, the wife of the accused.

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