Two Muslims take a Hindu girl to a Private hotel on Friday night

Two Muslims take a Hindu girl to a Private hotel

Hindu girl caught with two heretics in a hotel room by Bajrang Dal. Its video is also going viral on social media. Bajrang Dal members took matters into their own hands, resorting to vigilante justice. In view of the increasing cases of Love Jihad, Bajrang Dal is now doing its work even more cautiously. The same can be seen in this case. A procession of the accused boys was taken out and they were handed over to the police.

This case pertains to a private hotel (Galaxy) in MP Nagar, Bhopal. Where a Hindu girl was caught with two Muslim boys in a hotel room by Bajrang Dal people. According to the information, Bajrang Dal had received information about this matter. After this, they entered the hotel located in MP Nagar, reached the third floor, and saw a girl wearing a night suit sitting with two youths in the room. They pulled all three out of the room and raised slogans against them, calling it a case of love jihad.

Media have been identified as Anas Khan and Danesh Khan. According to reports, the girl lives in Bina. Bajrang Dal workers beat up Muslim youths in the middle of the road, raised slogans of “shoot them” and took them out in a procession before handing them over to the police. The police have sent both the accused to jail under Section 15 while the girl has been handed over to her family.

A procession was taken out by Bajrang Dal workers beating the accused, the video of which is going viral on social media. This video has been seen by many people and different types of reactions are coming out. Mostly the reactions are towards the girl. Also, the incident has sparked debates on vigilantism and interfaith relationships.

“Arrest Hindu woke woman first”

“Treat him well and send a video to that girl’s Mom.”

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