Punjab: Man seen beating his 73 year old mother, video viral

Man seen beating his mother

Police have arrested a lawyer for harassing his elderly mother in Rupnagar district of Punjab. Disturbing videos on social media have also surfaced, in which a man can be seen beating his 73-year-old mother.. This is a very shameful act that this criminal lawyer has done to his own mother.

In a shocking incident, police rescued a 73-year-old woman from her own house after her daughter claimed that the victim’s son and his wife were torturing her. In the video clip submitted to the police by victim Asha Rani’s daughter Deepshikha, suspect Ankur Verma, a lawyer from Ropar, his wife Sudha, and a teenager were seen brutally beating the old woman.

Police arrested lawyer Verma and booked him under sections 327, 342, and 323 of the Indian Penal Code as well as section 24 of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act. The victim, a resident of Giani Zail Singh Nagar, was taken to the Civil Hospital, where doctors found multiple injury marks on her body. Deepshikha said she learned that her mother was being tortured by her brother and his family members, so she went to the house and gained access to the CCTV cameras installed there.

The video showed Verma slapping his mother multiple times, aggressively holding her mouth and pulling her by her hair. In one clip, his wife and son were seen beating the victim. The daughter contacted her relatives and informed them about the problem. However, they didn’t do anything because his accused brother is a lawyer. After this Deepshikha reached a non-governmental organization (NGO), who called the police. The police eventually rescued the elderly woman and arrested her son.

This disturbing incident in the Rupnagar district of Punjab highlights the importance of taking action against elder abuse, regardless of the perpetrator’s profession or social status. The video evidence of a lawyer, Ankur Verma, and his family brutally mistreating his elderly mother is a stark reminder of the need for legal protection and support for senior citizens. The prompt response of the victim’s daughter, Deepshikha, who used CCTV footage to expose the abuse and sought assistance from an NGO, ultimately led to the rescue of her mother and the arrest of the accused. This case serves as a sobering reminder that justice should prevail, irrespective of the perpetrator’s background.

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