Two Muslims are arrested for raping a cow and filming the act

Image: OpIndia

A bizarre yet heinous incident of a cow being raped has come to the fore in Rajasthan. In Chuhadpur locality of the Bhiwadi region in the Alwar district, police have arrested two Muslims people for allegedly raping a cow. The police came to action when a video went viral in which four individuals were seen doing unnatural sex with a cow.

The incident was reported in Dainik Bhaskar. It occurred in the Alwar district’s Choupanki police station area. A police complaint was filed against four Chuhadpur residents, Waris, Zubair, Chuna, and Taleem. Zubair and Chuna have been arrested and the police are looking for the other two culprits in the case.

The incident allegedly occurred on February 10 when these four people took a cow to a nearby mountainous slope and three of them got involved in unnatural sex with the cow while the other one was filming the video. They smashed the mouth of the cow with their foot to prevent it from making any noise before raping it, as per the report.

The news was published in the e-paper.

The Superintendent of Police, Shantanu Kumar Singh said that the police sprung into action as soon as it got the news. “We registered a complaint and started the investigation. We have apprehended two of the culprits as of now and we are sure we will catch the other two very soon,” said the SP.

Several more incidences of animal mistreatment had been reported in the past by OpIndia. Toufeek Ahmed, a 20-year-old youngster, was captured on a CCTV security camera sexually assaulting a female dog in 2021. Ahmed was charged with ‘unnatural sex’ at the Vakola police station. 

Source: OpIndia