13-year-old girl kidnapped and passed on from truck to truck, gang-raped multiple times by nine men – Madhya Pradesh

14-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her own father
Image Credits: India

A 13-year-old girl was gang-raped multiple times by nine men several times in a week in Madhya Pradesh. As per the reports, she was kidnapped and gang-raped on January 4, after that she was again abducted by a truck driver from Umaria district on January 11-12. She was passed on from truck driver to truck driver before she was dropped on the highway.

The horrifying story

The girl was kidnapped by a known person and gang-raped by several men on January 4. She was let go and threatened to keep quiet. She was then again kidnapped and gang-raped by two truck drivers when she was out on an errand on January 11. The two men took her in a jungle and raped her. She was kept hostage in the truck, and they drove to a Dhaba. She was then raped by the Dhaba owner along with four other truckers.

The girl, who is a student of class 9, was kept hostage and raped throughout the night. The next morning, when she was almost unconscious due to the continuous torture, the truck driver tossed her in the truck and raped her again before dumping her in the middle of the road.

Shocked and terrified, the girl tried to stop vehicles, urging them to help. A truck driver stopped and picked her when she pleaded him to help. However, her torture was not over. That truck driver also raped her and dropped her near Umaria before speeding away.

Family filed complaint the next morning

By this time, the family that was continuously looking for her all night, filed a complaint with the police the next morning. Soon after, the girl spotted some policemen and approached them for help. She was immediately taken to the hospital, where she could not speak properly. She was counselled for 20 hours before she could begin to talk. During the counselling, she revealed the series of events that she had to go through. She also mentioned that five of the men involved in the gang-rape were among those who gang-raped her on January 4.

Vikas Kumar Shahwal, Superintendent of Police, said that the police recovered the girl soon after receiving the complaint on January 12. “According to the doctors, she has not sustained any major injuries but she is in deep mental trauma and shock. We have kept her under observation at one-stop crisis centre, where she is being counselled.” He added. Arvind Tiwari, the Police spokesman, said that a case has been registered under POSCO and relevant sections of the IPC.

So far, the police have arrested seven out of nine men involved in the crime. The remaining two are still on the run.

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