Rapist released from jail last year to marry the woman he raped kills her for ‘revenge’ in Nainital

Last year the man was released from Tihar Jail after he signed an affidavit and promised to marry the woman he raped. But now, he killed the woman on a vacation in Nainital for harassing him.

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A 24-year-old man has claimed that he took his wife to Nainital and pushed her from the hill after strangling her to death. Police have arrested the accused from Dwarka. Police said the accused was identified as Rajesh Roy who allegedly killed his wife for harassing him.

In June last year, the now-deceased woman, Uma (name changed), had accused him of raping her after promising her marriage. Subsequently, Rajesh was arrested and sent to Tihar Jail. Later, to escape the punishment, he signed an affidavit that he will marry her. But he was not happy with the marriage.

The story took an unexpected turn in mid-June this year when Uma’s family members lodged a complaint at the Dwarka police station in Delhi, stating that she has gone missing. The police, after receiving the complaint, sprang up in action to find her.

The Delhi Police’s investigations revealed that Rajesh convinced Uma to go to Nainital with him.  On July 12, the couple left the hill station. “About 13 km from Nainital, he expressed his desire to have a physical relationship with his wife at a secluded place. He took her to a cave. After having sex, he strangled his wife,” the report quoted Nainital’s Tallital SHO Vijay Mehta as saying.

Rajesh led the investigation team to the spot where he disposed of his wife’s body. He has been booked for murder and causing the disappearance of evidence under the Indian Penal Code.

This is not the first case when a rapist who was released on the pretext of marrying the victim was released from jail & punishment but later on continued to repeat the heinous crime for ‘revenge’

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