Pollution Holiday essay from a child of delhi

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Pollution dominates the lives of the people living in Delhi-NCR so much that now children are beginning to make serious comments on this in the examination as well. In the essay written on ‘Pollution Holiday’, the child has written that pollution is the main festival of Delhi. Because of this, we get more holidays than Diwali.

This essay written on ‘Pollution Holiday’ is going viral on social media. Explain that pollution in Delhi-NCR has crossed dangerous levels. In view of the pollution situation, school children were discharged for two days on 14 and 15 November. Here, in view of the rising pollution levels in Delhi, the Supreme Court has taken a tough stance and issued orders to the Central Government to prepare a roadmap for its redemption.

Four holidays in Diwali and eight days in pollution

‘Pollution is the main festival of Delhi from now on. It always starts after Diwali. In this, we get more holidays than Diwali. We get four holidays in Diwali, but in pollution, we get 6 + 2 = 8 holidays. People roam around wearing different masks. Black pepper, honey, ginger are used more in homes. It is more dear to children.

Pollution Holiday Essay by Delhi boy
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Oxygen bar has been opened in Delhi, in which a few pure breaths can be purchased by spending money. Here, anyone can take oxygen for 15 minutes by paying Rs 299. The name of the bar has been given as ‘Oxy Pure’. Pure oxygen is being provided to the customers in seven flavors at the bar. Those taking services here say that this is giving them a lot of relief.

Advantages of pure oxygen

Lungs remain healthy,body gets energy, depression, and problems of digestion may also be fine

The oxygen level in the body should be 99%, if it falls below 96%, then the person becomes a victim of hypoxia. The first level of oxygen decreases when there is lung disease. Gasps, lack of blood and weakness are its symptoms.

25 out of 31 MPs, including Gautam Gambhir, did not reach the meeting on pollution, AAP said – Gautam is eating Jalebi in Indore

Meanwhile, in view of the ever-increasing pollution in Delhi-NCR, the Union Urban Development Ministry called on Friday had to postpone the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee because 25 of its 31 members did not reach.

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