Pakistani Woman Javeria travels to India to Marry Boyfriend

In a cross-border love story, a Pakistani woman has arrived in India to marry her boyfriend, a resident of Kolkata.

Sameer and Javeria Khanum
Image: Sameer and Javeria Khanum

A Pakistani woman has arrived in India to marry her Kolkata-based boyfriend after being in a relationship for five years.

Javeria Khanum, who is from Karachi, crossed the Attari-Wagah border in Amritsar as she prepares to marry Sameer Khan in January 2024.

The couple were introduced to each other in 2018 when Sameer returned to Kolkata from Germany and saw Javeria’s picture on his mother’s phone.

Detailing the beginning of their relationship, Sameer said:

“I had come home from Germany where I was studying. I saw her photo on my mother’s phone and expressed my interest.

“I told my mother that I wanted to get married to Javeria.”

His mother sent the proposal to Javeria’s mother and both families agreed.

However, their marriage plans faced numerous obstacles.

The Indian High Commission initially rejected Javeria’s visa application twice. The Covid-19 pandemic further delayed things.

But the Pakistani woman was not deterred and she continued to apply for a visa, eventually getting accepted.

On December 5, 2023, Javeria arrived in India.

Sameer greeted his fiancee with a bouquet of flowers and dhol beats.

It is reported that journalist and social worker Maqbool Ahmed Wasi Qadian helped Javeria to obtain a visa.

Thanking the Indian government for granting Javeria with a 45-day visa, Sameer said:

“Borders do not matter when the intentions are pure.”

Javeria added: “Our families agreed to the marriage but we were trying to get a visa. I thank the government of India for granting me a 45-day visa.

“We have been in a relationship for the past five years, and I was trying to secure a visa for a long time and finally, it happened. Everyone back home was very happy.

“I’m feeling very happy. The moment I entered India, everyone congratulated me, and I was getting love from everyone.

“I felt happy seeing the grand welcome I received. I still can’t believe this.”

Sameer revealed that during their five-year relationship, he only met Javeria three times – twice in Thailand and once in Dubai.

Their reunion left the couple struggling to grasp the reality that they can get married.

Sameer explained: “I am very happy and surprised to see her, you can see it on my face. I want to thank the Indian government and Mr Maqbool, who helped us in the visa process.

“Both countries helped us a lot to come together.

“When intentions are clear then no such thing as a border can come in between love, and this is an example.”

Calling for a new visa to be introduced, Sameer added:

“I wish both governments introduce a special visa for couples who want to get married and help them.

“The security concerns are important, I respect that but there should be a special category.”

He said friends living in Spain and the United States are likely to attend the wedding.

After getting married, Javeria will apply for a long-term visa.

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