Pakistani beauties spying on their country

Pakistani beauty spying on her country
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At this time Pakistan remains the character of laughter in the whole world and the biggest reason for this is that PM Imran Khan here says something wrong because of his vomit. Due to this, the people of his country also do not lag behind in making fun of him. But this time you will also laugh at such an act of Pakistan and you will also be surprised. This Pakistani beauty shows her beauty, she throws her beauty at the jawans, how do they do this job?

This Pakistani beauty shows her beauty on the soldiers

Military Intelligence has exposed the face of the young woman who made the soldiers of Honey Trap a victim. This beautiful Hasina used to spy the youth of the army in the trap of her beauty and used to spy on them and forced them to disclose all the differences with this beauty. At present, the name of this girl has not been revealed, but some officials of the Military Intelligence, when they got strong information about being a Pakistani citizen and working for the Pakistan intelligence agency ISI, took action on it. After much investigation, it was found that she lives in Karachi and has come to the Indian border many times. The woman is not involved in military officers but is an ISI agent and has also been working for Pakistani intelligence agency for a long time. Military Intelligence has trashed 15 fake Facebook accounts created by her and with the help of them, she used to force the Indian Army soldiers. She used to get many important information by creating a fan of beauty. According to the information, the soldiers were also given money for this. Different agencies have caught more than half a dozen jawans who were victims of Honey Trap.

In October 2018, ISI handler Asif Ali was arrested from bulandshahr. He is currently lodged in Tihar Jail and had several documents related to the Indian Army, a Pakistani passport, a SIM card from Pakistan. This woman was revealed to have contact with Asif and even after this, the investigation of intelligence agencies deepened. This young woman used to target the soldiers who put photos in uniform on Facebook and give information about the army in the profile. By talking obscenely to them, she used to take him into the treachery and when the youngsters used to come in their jhanas, it started collecting information from them. After this, information related to the army was sought and calls were made from Indian numbers with WhatsApp and Internet.