Need new and strict laws to fight against ‘Love Jihad’ cases in Assam – Himanta Biswa Sarma

Himanta Biswa Sarma
Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, image via Twitter

Assam Health and Education Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Himanta Biswa Sarma has promised to start a “new and strict” fight against ‘Love Jihad’ cases in Assam.

While addressing the BJP Mahila Morcha meeting in Dibrugarh on October 11, the minister said, “Our culture is facing threats”. Blaming social media of acting as the main catalyst in promoting Love Jihad in the country, the BJP minister said that Assam BJP will launch a massive campaign against the menace of Love Jihad where Assamese girls are being trapped by men under false identities.

Himanta Biswa blames social media for rising cases of Love Jihad

Asserting that social media is playing a role in girls falling prey to Love Jihad cases, the Assam Health Minister said, “We will have to start a new and strict fight against Love Jihad on Assam’s soil. If the BJP comes to power again, we will take a decision that if any man hides his religious identity to trap and harass Assamese girls, he will face ruthless and rigorous punishment.”

Hitting out at the AIUDF chief and Lok Sabha MP from Dhubri, Badruddin Ajmal, Biswa claimed that Assamese daughters are becoming victims of “Ajmal’s culture” on Facebook. He emphasised that Islamic fundamentalists, encouraged by leaders like Badruddin Ajmal have been promoting the targeting of Hindu Assamese girls by Muslim men, often under false identities.

“We have taken an oath that if Ajmal’s army touches our women, the only punishment for them will be a death sentence, nothing less. We are working with such a resolve,” he said.

The BJP minister furthered that the threats ‘Ajmal’s Army’ poses now is similar to the aggressions faced from Babar and Aurangzeb around 500-600 years ago.

“If people do not unite then society will not be saved”: Himanta Biswa asks for public support to fight the menace of Love Jihad

Meanwhile, Himanta Biswa Sharma said how “Love Jihad has created a mountain-like problem for Assamese daughters. Many girls have faced talaaq (divorce) situations after getting duped by fake names of the boys. The BJP has resolved that whenever any culture- civilisation attacks Assamese girls, ruthless replies will be given,” he said.

Biswa continued how BJP had lost political power in five constituencies due to the conspiracy of some people. He said: “If people do not unite then the society will not be saved. That is why the 2021 assembly election is for saving our culture-civilisation,” said Biswa.

Biswa furthered that if the Hindus, which constitute 65 per cent of Assam’s population, do not collectively put up a fight against the menace of Love Jihad, then Assam, in the next 15 years would not remain a suitable place to live in.

Love Jihad-an emerging problem in the country

Love Jihad in an emerging problem, rapidly spreading its tentacles across many parts of the country. OpIndia brought to the fore at least 20 such cases reported from Uttar Pradesh and other states in the last 2 months. It is now a well-established fact that the menace of Love Jihad exists and a well-organised syndicate, sponsored by many radical Islamic organisations, has been working towards it, in an attempt to push the nation towards a civil war.

The BJP minister vows to shut down state-run Madrasas by converting them to regular schools

The Assam Health Minister claimed that he has vowed to shut down the state-run Madrasas as his government would convert them into regular, secular and modern schools.

It may be recalled that recently, many media houses published a report by IANS saying that Assam government has decided to shut down the govt run madrasas and Sanskrit tols (school) in the state. We had, however, cleared that the Assam Govt has decided to convert the state-run Madrasas and tols into regular schools. We had reported why the IANS report was misleading. Contrary to what they reported, the madrasas and tols are not being shut down by the Assam govt, but actually being converted to regular schools.

The state govt had announced the intention to end religious and separate language schools in 2017 itself. Reportedly, there are more than 600 government-run madrassas in Assam and 900 other private madrassas, which are run by Jamiat Ulema. The Assam government spends nearly Rs 4 crore to run these madrassas in the state and about Rs 1 crore on Sanskrit tols annually.

BJP worked against Rhino poaching and freed 14 thousand hectares of encroached land: Himanta Biswa

Accusing the Islamists, at the behest of Lok Sabha MP Badruddin Ajmal, of Rhino poaching, the Assam BJP minister said that those who have “encroached the land of our Sattras have not even spared the rhinos in Kaziranga”. However, Biswa asserted that BJP in its four and a half years of rule has been able to not only save the rhinos and regain Kaziranga’s pride but also make 14 thousand hectares of land encroachment free and give it to the landless indigenous people.

“We have made progress in this fight of culture-civilisation. But five years is not enough. New problems are emerging as we are fighting the older issues. Assam doesn’t have time to laugh or relax. Every day, we are losing our land, culture-civilisation, history, geography,” Sarma said.

BJP needs to fight a long battle in Assam

Sarma emphasised that a long battle needs to be fought in Assam. BJP’s “Saraighat battle” doesn’t end in five years. “We will have to fight till we finish off Ajmal’s army politically,” Sarma said.

For the unaware, BJP had termed the 2016 election as the “last battle of Saraighat” to oust the Congress government. This had been in reference to the 1671 battle in which the Ahom army led by Lachit Borphukan had defeated the Mughals.

“This is not a poll of schemes. This is not an election for someone to become the chief minister or an MLA. This is an election to save our society”, Himanta Biswa said furthering that if one wants to live as an Assamese, then BJP has to be made victorious in 2021 to save and keep the Sanatan civilisation alive.

PM Modi’s effort to save Ram Janmabhoomi has given confidence to crores of Indians: Biswa

Saying PM Modi had saved the Hindus from failing to save Lord Ram’s birthplace, the Assam Health and Education Minister said that PM Modi’s persistence and courage, which he showed by fighting all odds and successfully laying the foundation stone of Ram Janmabhoomi, has given confidence to crores of Indians.

Emphasising on the work BJP government has done in the last four and a half years in Assam, the Assam minister hoped that the people of Assam would bring BJP back to power to keep the Sanatan civilisation in the sentinel of north-east India alive.

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