Love Jihad Jharkhand: More Dangerous than Kerala and Kashmir

JihadGanj Jharkhand
Image: Screenshot from youtube

A case of Jihadganj is emerging, which is more dangerous than Kerala and Kashmir. A shocking revelation has come to light with a video that is being circulated. The dirty game of religious conversion is underway in Santal Pargana, Jharkhand. Tribal girls are being targeted by Bangladeshi infiltrators.

A conspiracy is underway to turn Santal Pargana into Jihadganj, and six districts in Jharkhand have fallen into the grip of this Jihadganj. The game of religious conversion is ongoing here, and its exposure is coming to light.

According to TV9, the illegal Bangladeshis are causing a rapid increase in the Muslim population here. Startling cases have come to light after the investigation. Jharkhand’s Bangladesh Toolkit, the first revelation is trapping tribal girls in love.

The second revelation is marrying Hindu girls and becoming sons-in-law. The third revelation is using Hindu girls for creating fake ID proofs of India. The fourth revelation is the murder of Hindu girls who refuse to marry. The fifth revelation is grabbing the land of girls after marriage.

The sixth revelation is converting schools in tribal areas into Urdu schools. Even the school prayer has now been changed to the Urdu language. Sunday holidays have been replaced with Fridays.

According to TV9, Sahibganj, Godda, Pakur, Dumka, Deoghar, and Jamtara are the six districts involved. A similar incident happened with a Mangli Pahariya girl from Pakur as well.

A Muslim youth working as a contractor trapped her in love and married her following Muslim rituals. After a few days, he left. This region of Santal Pargana is not far from the border of Bangladesh, making it easy for Bangladeshi infiltrators to enter and execute jihadist conspiracies.

The situation in Jharkhand is alarming, with the rise of Jihadganj posing a grave threat. The infiltration of illegal Bangladeshis has led to a rapid increase in the Muslim population.

The revelations of forced conversions, fake marriages, murders, land grabs, and the transformation of schools highlight the sinister agenda at play. It is crucial to address this issue urgently and ensure the safety and security of the affected communities.

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