Horror: 80yr old Muslim man found raping an 8yr old Kid

Muslim man rape story

Recently, a video of an 80-year-old Muslim man from Pakistan doing a shameful act went viral. In which it is claimed that an 80-year-old Muslim man raped an 8-year-old girl. This is not the first case; videos of many such shameful acts often go viral on social media.

The viral video has been shared by Pakistan Untold on Twitter with the caption, ‘An 8-year-old minor girl is raped by an 80-year-old Muslim in Pakistan. Legacy continues.’ This is a very shameful act, sexually exploiting a girl of your granddaughter’s age. According to the viral video, an old Muslim man is seen committing this shameful act with a minor girl in a small mud house.

And a young man captured this entire shameful act by making a video on his phone. However, caught the old Muslim man red-handed.
In the video, the old accused Muslim man does not confess his crime even after being caught red-handed. This is a very shameful act, action should be taken in all such cases. This shameful video is of Pakistan’s culprit which is going viral on social media. After watching the video, users have shared many reactions.

A user writes, ‘Their only priority is sex and sex alone. And all this in the garb of a religion.’

Another user writes, ‘True Follower of his Prophet. The only difference is that his Prophet died early due to the Overuse of ENERGY.

Other users write, ‘Their book teaching them the same. They are following…remind them as they are just a Converted people only..’

Another user writes, ‘These days it’s hard to tell whether it’s news coming from Pak or a chapter in one of those hadiths.’

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