Uttar Pradesh: Hindu brothers kill driver Mushtaq with an axe for harassing their little sister, surrender to police

Axe in hand
Mushtaq, a driver, was killed in Lucknow by a woman's brothers (Image: Insat Press)

Two brothers of a young woman killed a 32-year-old driver Mohammed Mushtaq with an axe in Lucknow. As per reports, Mushtaq has been harassing the woman for some days. After the incident, both brothers reached the police station and surrendered. They told the police officers that Mushtaq Ali had been harassing their sister for several days, so they killed him. Both of them have been arrested by the police. The police also booked the woman’s mother and sister.

Mushtaq harassed Golu’s sister on several occasions

Golu lives with his family near Durga Mata temple in Mohanlalganj, Lucknow. Mushtaq, who lived in the neighbourhood, allegedly used to harass his sister. On 22 November, Mushtaq was driving his container to Kolkata. Upon reaching Bhawani Kheda, Mushtaq and Golu’s sister got into a dispute. There was a lot of argument between the two, and the people present at the spot intervened to pacify the matter. The woman informed about the whole incident to her family after reaching home.

After learning about the incident, her brothers Golu and Guddu we to Mushtaq’s house in the evening. They dragged Mushtaq out of his house and beat him fiercely. Then they inflicted several blows on Mushtaq with an axe. Seeing his condition deteriorating, they thought he was dead and left him.

Golu and Guddu surrendered to police

Mushtaq’s family learned about the incident and rushed him to the local hospital. The doctors at the local hospital referred him to the trauma centre as he was in critical condition. Mushtaq was declared dead at the trauma centre.

Inspector GD Shukla provided detailed information about the incident. He said that Golu and Guddu came to the police station with an axe stained with the blood. They surrendered after informing the officers present at the police station that they have killed Mushtaq.

Mushtaq’s brother filed FIR against four members of the family

The police reached the hospital and gathered information related to the case. Imtiaz, Mushtaq’s brother, has lodged FIR against Golu, Guddu, Renu (sister), father (Bhailal), and Vimala (mother). The police have booked them and questioned the mother. The sister was not present at home, and the police are looking for her whereabouts.

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