Female police officer sends a friend request to a Rapist, arrests him on date

Priyanka Saini
Image: Deccan Herald

It’s getting scary as days progress and still, there are no guaranteed signs of safety for the girls and women these days. Despite the fact that the Indian government passed an order calling for the death penalty to the rapist, the lethargic legal process for justice to the rape victims often acts as a major setback.

The nation is still carrying an unwanted record which we people are aware of. With so many records to boast about India’s development, their failure to stop rape cases is haunting like hell.

Rape is the fourth most common crime in India. The level of rape cases in our nation rose alarmingly. It is learnt that most of the rape cases were committed by someone known to the victim.

In the latest development, a female sub-inspector of Delhi Police used a new tactic to arrest the rapist in the national capital. The woman officer sent a friend request to the rapist on social media only to act as a friend and detain him

It was on July 30, a hospital notified the Delhi Police regarding the rape of a 16-year-old girl. Meanwhile, the girl’s medical examination disclosed that she was pregnant. The cops also recorded the statement of the teenage girl. Earlier, she didn’t file a complaint against the rape accused. However, she later decided to lodge a formal complaint against the culprit.

What happened?

The teenage girl stated that a few months ago, she was in close association with a man near her residence. He was involved in inappropriate acts with her and then started ignoring her. She also added that she didn’t even give her his mobile number, as reported by The Indian Express.

A probe was initiated based on the girl’s complaint and a case also been registered. The investigating team started searching for the accused on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, a sub-inspector by the name of Priyanka Saini went through more than examined more than 100 Facebook accounts by the name of the accused. The sub-inspector learnt that one of the Facebook handles was known to be that of the accused.

Sub-inspector created Facebook account to trap the rapist

In the wake of this, she created a new Facebook account and then sent a friend request to the wrongdoer. Soon after he confirmed her request, she started chatting with him. The accused hesitated to disclose his details in the first place.

The woman cop made the accused gave his mobile number to her. “On July 31, he first asked her to meet him at Dashrath Puri Metro station around 7.30 pm. A team in civil dress was deployed, but he changed the location and asked the SI to come to Dwarka Sector 1.

Within minutes, he called her again and asked her to come to Sri Mata Mandir Mahavir Enclave, from where he was apprehended,” the report quoted a police officer as saying.

For the unversed, the accused is an employee of a bangle shop in Delhi. Upon interrogation, the culprit told the police that in the past 15 months, he met around 6 girls. Using a fake identity, he developed a physical relationship with the girls and later ignored them. To avoid being caught by the cops, the rapist kept changing houses.

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