Coronavirus: Migrant worker walks 900 Kms from Punjab carrying injured Son on shoulders while walking to his home

Migrant worker walks
Image: Screenshot from the video

A heartbreaking video of a man was seen carrying his ailing son on his shoulders while walking to his home in Madhya Pradesh on foot amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The father started walking from Punjab amid the national lockdown and his son was lying in a makeshift cot and can be seen wearing a mask.

The video was captured when the man identified as Rajkumar and his family reached Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on the way to their village.

“?This video is of UP’s Kanpur. The man is from the MP. He walked 900 KMs from Punjab carrying injured son on shoulders

?Governments have failed miserably. Ministers/Babus need to be held accountable. Those being sugar-coated about it are being dishonest ?,” a Twitter user posted.

As per a report by Lokmat, Police officer identified as Ramkumar Gupta saw the man carrying his son on his shoulders in Kanpur’s Ramadevi area. He stopped him and talked to him.

Rajkumar who was from a village in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh broke down while talking to him. On the contrary, his 15-year-old son Brajesh Kumar picked up a severe wound in his neck and couldn’t walk. When the family failed to find any means of livelihood in Ludhiana, they made up their mind to go back to their native place.

Police officer Ramkumar Gupta provided timely assistance as he had arranged for a vehicle to carry the father-son duo to their native place. As many as 18 people were part of the group walking to Madhya Pradesh

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