Article 370: Navy warships on high alert

Article 370: Navy warships on high alert
Article 370: Navy warships on high alert

The Central Government has recently decided to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. With this, the decision to divide this state into two separate union territories was also approved by the Parliament. One of them is Jammu and Kashmir and the other Union Territory of Ladakh. The widespread impact of this decision is being seen in the neighboring country of Pakistan. Since this decision in India, Pakistan has been angry and in this rage, many decisions like stopping trade across the border and stopping rail transport have been taken by the Imran government. Not only the Army, but the Navy is also ready to deal with any nefarious act happening from Pakistan.

News agency ANI quoted its sources as saying that the Indian Navy has placed all its naval bases and warships on high alert. There is no possibility of a direct attack from Pakistan, but in the guise of terrorists, the neighboring country can carry out any nefarious act. Anyway, Independence Day i.e. 15 August is near. Terrorists are looking for similar opportunities.

After the decision to remove Article 370 in India, a National Assembly meeting was called in a hurry in Pakistan. All the leaders of the position and the opposition in the neighboring country protested against this decision of India. Not only this, it was also said in the National Assembly that there will be a terrorist attack like Pulwama Terror Attack in India again and they will again blame Pakistan for this. In Pakistan’s parliament, the Pulwama Terror Attack was called a drama.

Air Space Closed
After Article 370 is over, Pakistan is once again scared of such an air strike. Therefore, in just 21 days, he has partially banned his air space once again. Pakistan has banned one of its 11 air routes for all types of flights. According to the Notice to Airman issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan, the airspace has been closed from August 6 to September 5. There has also been a change in the air routes of Pakistani airlines. In addition, Pakistan has set a minimum height of 46 thousand feet for all foreign aircraft in the Lahore region. At the same time, aircraft flying from Afghanistan have been asked to use alternative routes.

Fearing Air Space Closed
According to Vinod Pataney, former Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force, Pakistan has again decided to close an air route and increase altitude so that all aircraft are properly under radar surveillance. Aircraft flying at low altitudes can dodge radar. As did the Indian Air Force fighter planes in Balakot Air Strike. During that time also IAF fighter jets dodged Pakistani radar while flying at low altitude. This decision of Pakistan is ridiculous.

Fear of action in PoK
Other security experts also believe that Pakistan has decided to increase the height of the airfield due to fear. In fact, Pakistan fears that after abolishing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the Modi government is excited by the kind of support it is getting within the country and on the international stage, that it will never again take any major step like Balakot air strike. pick it up. This fear of Pakistan is also because after making Jammu and Kashmir a part of unbroken India, there has been a big demand in India to free Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Such statements by some Indian politicians have added to the beat of Pakistan. This is the reason why Pakistan, which is showing eye to India, itself is scouring its forces out of fear and is seeking help on the international stage.

Then at the rate of China,
Pakistan government has increased uneasiness over this issue. After the disappointment from the US, the Government of Pakistan has once again extended its hands to its allies, China. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has arrived in Beijing to mobilize support against the Indian government’s decision on Jammu and Kashmir.

Explain that Pakistan has banned the display of Indian films and dramas in Pakistan, buoyed by the decision of the Government of India regarding Article 370. Along with this, bilateral trade has also been banned. Pakistan has also decided to stop the movement of Samjhauta Express. He has even sent an Indian diplomat back from Islamabad.

Then Pakistan’s condition on improving relations
Pakistan Foreign Minister said on Thursday that if India withdraws the decision on Article 370, then we will establish a diplomatic relationship again. However, no attention is being given to Pakistan from India. By the way, according to economic analysts, Pakistan has done the work of killing the axe on its own feet by ending trade relations with India. According to data from the Indian Ministry of Commerce, India exported a total of Rs 2.3 lakh billion to Pakistan in the year 2018-19. In the same year, India imported a total of 3.6 lakh billion rupees from Pakistan.

We can understand the losses of Pakistan by closing the trade in easy language, then in the last financial year, Pakistan has sold more goods worth 1.3 million billion rupees than India. Meaning India buys more and sells less than Pakistan. In such a situation, India is a big market for Pakistan, where last year it traded a total of 3.6 lakh billion rupees. At the same time, Pakistan is also largely dependent on India to fulfill its essential needs. According to experts, this move of Pakistan will put its sinking economy and dives.

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