Aamir Khan promised to uplift a family now sells Bidis for a living

Aamir Khan family promised

Precisely in 2009, Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor made a surprise visit to a home in Chanderi at Madhya Pradesh. This was also the time ‘3 Idiots’ was the trend. The stars sat down with the family and ate with them as well. Aamir promised them a few things but looks like the promise has not been fulfilled and the family is in crisis.

What was the promise?

Aamir Khan with a family in Chanderi

Aamir Khan spoke to Kamlesh Kori, who was the breadwinner for the family and worked as a weaver and crafting sarees at the time. He even bought two sarees from him, each for ₹25,000. Aamir Khan had promised to set up a showroom for the craftsman, where he would be able to sell his work for what it’s truly worth. The actor had even given Kamlesh Kori his gold ring and made him his ‘friend.’

But as time passed, this was eventually missed out and now the family headed by Kamlesh is under deep crisis. Kamlesh is now no more and post his demise, his children can no longer attend school, and his wife Kamla Bai is selling bidis to make a living.

His wife recalls her husband trying to reach Aamir Khan through the phone number he’d provided the family with, but there was no response from Aamir’s end.

Source: Metrosaga

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